Packing my cabin suitcase for a holiday is my least favourite thing to do in the world! Packing light for a long weekend getaway is even more of a chore. I spend at least a week packing in contrast to Niki who seems to get it done the night before in a breezy ten minutes. Even though I’ve become better at packing light for weekend break, I know I’ll end up sneaking things in there at the last minute, especially if there’s room left! Leaving Niki to question why the case is so heavy all of a sudden… (oops). 
I can sure answer that age old questions “why do women overpack for a holiday?”. I know I overpack and I take more than I need… but it’s just, well, you never know what it’s like and how you feel until you get to your destination. I’m not all that bothered about wearing something different everyday, in fact, the stupid thing is is that I’ll have a suitcase full of clothes but will only end up wearing the same thing everyday (whatever’s the comfiest)! But I do go through scenarios in my head, and that’s pretty much my process for packing for a weekend trip. What if it rains, what if it’s too hot, what if I spill something on my top, what if look too dressy/casual/boring/etc, I go through every single scenarios and make sure I’ve got it all covered. 
It’s all so tempting to take everything and cram it all into my wheely case but the thing I’ve learnt when packing for a 3 day trip is to take “key items” and simple clothing that will go with everything. As a guide, I’ve picked three day time looks below which, if I mix and match, I would be able to come up with a variation of different looks. Lately, I’ve been looking up 3-day city breaks to Italy since my sister and her hubby have talked about it so much that I want to go and see it for myself. When I put these looks together, that was the destination I had in mind!
outfit for a city break
Look One
You can’t go wrong with a little black dress, no matter where you are, although this is of course more of a “city” look rather than one you’d wear to the beach. An LBD is a classic yet simple but it’s also a look that’s easy to dress up or dress down. This outfit is suitable for any day time occasion, without you feeling over or under-dressed. The black dress worn bare legged with those awesome boots and light pieces of jewellery will look great together, especially if you’ve got a nice tan! The sturdy chelsea boots means you can go walking around the city for hours, and explore the place without having to worry about your feet hurting from unsupported flat sandals. Though, if you decide your boots are too heavy for other activities, this black dress would go beautifully with a pair of sandals. It’s a good job you’ve packed them in your case then….. (see below for look two)

outfit for a city holiday
Look Two
Of course you’d pack your sandals for your summer holiday, it’s the first item you’d put into the suitcase! Look two is more of a typical summer holiday outfit which consists of T-shirt, denim shorts and sandals. A nice t-shirt with a pattern or a print makes this look more interesting, and again, accessorise with light weight jewellery. Statement jewellery or heavy pieces are not necessary (and I always fear larger pieces of jewellery gets battered in the suitcase).
what to wear for a city break
Look Three
This outfit should really be the look one because this is what I would wear on the flight there (and back) but actually, this wouldn’t be place in my suitcase at all if I’m wearing it on the plane. I would either take black jeans or black leggings with me, but either way, during the holiday, the bottoms could be worn with either this white pineapple graphic tee or the stripy top for the previous look. I’d use the same bag throughout the holiday, one that would go with all of my outfits so it would have to be a good quality, strong bag that won’t break in the middle of your holiday!
hush nightwear
The extra bits and bobs
Adding to the weight of my wardrobe are things like my make up bag, travel sized toiletries, toothbrush and maybe hair straighteners. People who I’ve previously travelled with will know that I frequently forget to pack my nightwear so will end up sleeping in a t-shirt (and leggings, that’s if I’ve packed them)! The lightest thing in my suitcase will be nightwear – when I remember to bring it! A cotton vest and a pair of shorts will suffice, definitely nothing that will take up too much precious space in the suitcase!
So, are any of you booked to go on any short trip this Summer and are these the sort of outfits you take on a city break? What are your tips for packing lightly?
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12 thoughts on “How To: Pack For A City Getaway This Summer

  1. Love this post! I have the same problem whenever we're going away. Even when we go home (Poland), where I do have clothes ready waiting for me in my wardrobe I still cram everything inn my luggage 'just in case'. That's just our nature! 😉

  2. I have the very same problem when packing and always come home with a suitcase full of clean clothes, well you never know, lol! Great post with some very useful tips for capsule packing, however I can't promise to take note when next away, old habits die hard!!! x

  3. I love look two! Gorge selection! I got married in May there but we are planning our honeymoon at the end of the year we we can get time off work. cant wait! 🙂 xx

  4. Love this post! You get a little bit of everything from the outfits. Packing can be such a hassle, but it's also fun getting outfits and such together. 🙂

  5. I try to pack as light as possible too when I'm out for a weekend…although I always tend to take half off my make up and skin care collection with me 😛
    Take Care*

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