Skincare products are currently taking over my life! Well, they’ve been taking over my evenings, at least. I used to think this whole skincare routine was a bit of a chore and I never enjoyed it when I was younger. Granted, it isn’t the most relaxing thing to do but it’s nice to know that the end result is beautiful looking skin!
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Beauty Favourites | Current Skincare Routine Products

Nowadays, I have a bit more knowledge of what works for my skin and I love nothing more than to spend the evening trying out new products. Admittedly, over the past week, I have been slacking on my daily routine which has resulted to flakey, dull looking complexion.
I’ve got so many skincare products in my room, I have got absolutely no excuse really! In desperate need of “fixing” my skin, I gathered the products that I’ve been loving the most, and thought I’d do a blogpost on what AMAZING products I have been using lately.

cleanser and face scrub

Cleanser and Face Scrub

I’ve blogged about both of these in full so if you’d like to read more about Bee Good Cream Cleanser* and Lemongrass House Face Scrub, head on over there to find out more. The face scrub from Lemongrass House is a gentle formula with tiny, sparse particles and I use it 2 or 3 times a week to scrub away any dead skin cells.
I use cream cleansers twice a day (unless my skin needs a change, in which case, I use an alternative to mix things up a bit) and at the moment, my cleanser of choice is Bee Good Honey & Propolis. I highly recommend cream cleansers over cleansing waters, foams and milk because they remove make up and cleanse your face so effectively.
perricone MD chloro plasma

Face Mask

Do you ever get that excited oh-my-god-where-have-you-been-all-my-life feeling when first try a beauty product that makes your skin look amazing? You just want to hold on to it and never let it go! This luxury product priced at £67, Perricone MD Chloro Plasma* is little on the expensive side but it’s a a little tub of miracle! 
perricone MD chloro plasma, best face mask
My skin needed a lot of TLC after neglecting my routine for about a week, and nothing I was using was having much of an effective until I used this face mask. After exfoliating my face, I always apply a mask and the Perricone MD Chloro Plasma face mask been my go-to lately.
It is such a unique product that is scientifically formulated to rejuvenate skin. When you first open lid of the frosted glass jar, it reveals a creamy pastel green paste with microcapsules containing phytonutrient which exists in chlorophyll. 
perricone MD chloro plasma swatch
These microcapsules burst when you massage the cream in to your skin causing them to turn a deep green colour, which then dries in to a clay. This face mask did the job of re-setting my skin and gave it a brighter, more radiance and an instant glow to it’s complexion. It does everything that it promises, like minimize the appearance of pores and reduces blackheads. The look of my skin had drastically changed after using this. 

best serums and moisturisers

Moisturiser and the “extras”

HEALGEL Intensive* is a soothing and a repairing formula. It is an aqueous gel that helps speeds up the recovery – so if you suffer from any skin problems such as dryness or breakouts, or perhaps the moisturiser you’re using isn’t feel like it’s hydrating your skin enough throughout the day – then this HealGel Intensive will take care of those issues for you. 
You can apply this on it’s own or under your moisturiser to keep your skin protected. The gel itself is very light weight, and a gentle fragrance that doesn’t linger. It’s easily absorbable and non-oily, and is suitable for all skin types.
REN Omega 3 Serum Oil: I love this serum so much that this is the third time I have featured this product on the blog and you can read my review here. This is actually my second bottle of this and I tend to reach for this serum oil when my skin is feeling a little thirsty. 
HEALGEL Eye*: Anyone who has used this before will tell you how amazing it is. I never believed that eye creams work until I used this. It does a brilliant job of smoothing the skin around your eyes and reducing fine lines. Hands down, the best eye treatment I have ever used. Read the full review here.
Best face cream with SPF, perricone photo plasma
Perricone MD Photo Plasma*: This appealed to me because it contains SPF30 which makes it the highest SPF factor that I have used in a moisturiser. It’s a fantastic day cream, especially for summer time. 
For something that has SPF in, I expected it to be thick and gloopy but the consistency of this is like whipped mousse so it is extremely light, non-greasy and it absorbs in to the skin within seconds. It is expensive but it is a product that achieves results and I don’t mind saving up for a face product that cost a bit more as long as it works. 
This parabens-free moisturiser does a lot more than protect you from sun damage. It also protects you from pollution, dehydration, extreme colds, heavy metals, smoke and chemical irritant. 
Have you tried any of these products? What skincare products are you currently using in your routine?

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14 thoughts on “Beauty Favourites | Current Skincare Routine Products

  1. I found skincare such a chore too up until recently! Now I've established a little routine it's not too bad, as like you said it's nice knowing my skin will be beautiful! I haven't tried any of the products you used but I'm really intrigued by the Perricone MD Chloro Plasma, I've been trying to achieve more radiant skin & it sounds like it's just the product I need… shame I haven't many pennies atm to treat myself with! Really enjoyed reading this post, I love having a nosey into other bloggers skincare routines! (:

    L x

  2. I am really tempted to try out Heal Gel Eye. I do have really puffy eyes and Eye area is something I need to take a good care of as I am nearing the so much dreaded 30th birthday!

  3. That mask looks so nicee!!
    I'm also curious about REN's serum since I've adding more moisturising products into my routine :3

    Take care*

  4. Great review. Sometimes I think you get what you pay for especially with skin care. Perricone MD Chloro Plasma I haven't heard of previously but it sounds excellent at restoring the skin. Ren is always a sure thing I haven't had a poor product from them You will have to share what the Perricone MD Chloro Plasma is like after a few months usage. Lucy x

  5. My skin is naturally dry so a skincare routine, no matter how tedious it can be after a long day is a must! If not I'lk wake up to dry, flaky dull skin with a pesky pimple. I'm still figuring out my skincare routine to be honest, especially for mornings. I have my cleanser, toner, exfoliater, and moisturizer figured out for the most part, at least for night time but now I'm figuring out all the other stuff such as serums and eyecreams. Your suggestions were interesting! I've seen Perricone MD products on TV and I've been so curious to see if the products actually work. You made me want to try! Aha. I think if a skincare product works well then it's worth the money. Great blog post hon! 🙂

  6. Love that you have many of the same products as me 🙂 I too love the BeeGood Cleanser, it seems to be the only cream cleanser that doesn’t hate my skin. I am also a massive fan of the entire HealGel range and adore using them.

    I have been dying to get my hands on some Perricone products and keep checking TK Maxx for them.

    Great post (as always) and lots of lovely products.
    Hayley x

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