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Blazer Topshop / Denim Short Topshop / Shoes Kurt Geiger / Bag* Lacambra / Sunglasses* Rayban

With Spring almost drawing to a close, it kind of annoys me that, in terms of fashion, we are still in that “transitional” phase. It’s raining, and it’s windy, but is it cold? Do I need a coat? Or just a cardigan? I wore a coat the other day and I almost passed out because I got so hot. I thought to myself “what was I think?! It’s MAY! Why am I wearing this coat?”. The weather tricked me.
I put this outfit on; a bird print shirt with studded denim shorts, but as I looked out of the window to the typical scenes of grey clouds and wind, I didn’t know whether I needed to put my big coat on or just grab a jacket. I really didn’t want to wear anything over this as nothing I had seemed to go with this outfit but I thought I’d take my blazer with me… just incase I needed it. It does spoil the outfit though!
Just to round up the week of blogposts, which was a bit of a mish mash, really! Incase you have missed it, I did a photography post at the beginning of the week on what cameras fashion bloggers use. I’ve got another one coming up on Wednesday and it might change last minute, but if all goes to plan, it should the one about lighting! So keep your eyes peeled for that.
There was also a post about pastel coloured dresses for special occasions like weddings and prom (so dreamy). And a couple of beauty posts; the first one on beautiful Beefayre products (they really are as gorgeous as they look!) and the second one was a beauty box unboxing! This one’s a good one, I promise! It contains nail polish, lip balm, stationery and TEA!!
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22 thoughts on “Ways To Wear Denim Shorts: Bird Print Shirt & Red Bag

  1. So pretty!
    I usually just wait for Summer to wear mine :3 But I might try to wear them using your tips!
    take care, have a nice day!*

  2. Gorgeous outfit – I especially love your shirt, the print is so pretty! I loved your first photography post, lighting is something I really struggle with so I'm really looking forward to Wednesday's!! X

    A Blonde Moment

  3. The shirt from Rose and Pose is beautiful lovely for summer. I find denim shorts hard to pull off but you rock the look Lucy

  4. I know just how you feel – the weather has been playing the same tricks here in Canada; we have one day of sun and bare legs followed my three days of wind, rain and coats. It's so hard to know how to get dressed in the morning and transitional layering gets so tiresome so quickly. But you did it beautifully here, I think I shall have to mix things up by pairing my denim shorts with tights until I can wear them properly!

  5. Very pretty Sarah, I actually really like the addition of your blazer for an added touch of smartness if it were called for! I think it balances out the tights – I have this thing about not being able to wear black tights without something to balance it out at the top! That being said, you always look amazing in your black tights, with any outfit that you wear. How do you do it?! I can totally relate on the changeable weather too, I was sweltering in my wool jacket the other day but it had been cold when I put it on. Whenever I wear a more lightweight jacket I just seem to get caught in the rain – it's as though April sent all of the showers to May! xxx

  6. I am really hating the weather at the moment because I never know what to wear! I can never decide if I need a coat or not. Lovely post, I've just bought some denim shorts so this is really helpful.

  7. I love your studded shorts. I think I need a pair like those for this summer! Such a cute bird print shirt too. I'm kind of jealous you're all having cooler weather still. It's already too hot where I live!

  8. I've been collecting up Currys vouchers to buy myself a new camera with – can't wait. Will definitely be having a look at your post before I decide which one!

  9. I hate dressing for this time of year so much, I'm so hopelessly bad at it, and I find it so difficult. Your shorts & blouse combo looks like perfection, might have to try it myself.

  10. I really LOVE this shirt from them, but I bought two blouses from the before and the service was horrific so I don't think I'd bother again.

    I received one shirt in two months and the second one 5 months after I ordered it. When the second one finally arrived it was horrific quality and had threads hanging off of it and three of the button holes had not been cut. When I contacted their CS they replied with "Can't you just cut the holes in yourself?". I. Kid. You. Not. They then said "keep the first shirt we sent you as compensation". It's not compensation when I PAID for it!! :/ Would not recommend.

    I think you must have been lucky enough to receive their finest and best service.

    Paper Dove ~Fashion and Beauty Blog

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