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NIVEA Daily Essentials Sensitive Face Care Range
NIVEA has launched four new products in a range that dermatologically formulated especially for sensitive skin. Everyone suffers from sensitive skin from time to time. I flit from sensitive to normal skin depending on various factors which is completely common. Factors like stress, make-up and changes in weather can temporarily mess up your skin. For me, it is the worst during winter when I’m not using the right products to keep my skin hydrated enough. It can be difficult to know what to apply on my face to ease and relieve it because more often than not, it tends to gets worse and red patches will flare up! Even if it’s water! Of course, the more you panic, the more you stress and our skin reacts to these changes. It may seem out of your control but these products from NIVEA’s Daily Essentials Sensitive range helps reset your skin by reducing the three main signs of sensitivity; redness, tightness and dryness. 
affordable cleasners from NIVEA,
3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water* £4.07
Cleansing Milk* £4.07
There are two cleansers in this range, and you don’t really need both for it to work effectively. You can buy one or the other depending on what type of cleansers you like to use or what your skin needs. 
Micellar cleansing water is something that I’ve been hearing a lot about lately! The latest “trend” in cleansers and make-up removers, the micelle technology is ideal because the molecules in micelles have an empty centre so dirt can be enclosed in these and taken off you skin. NIVEA 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water claims to cleanse deeply, removes make up and moisturise all in one step. I’ve used cleansing waters before and it can be quite drying so I was wary about this one. This one is mild, and feels really refreshing and gentle on my skin, and it wasn’t drying at all. There’s no effort required in using this and I like to use this every morning by apply a few drops on a cotton pad and sweeping it across my face. Whilst it is a convenient product to use, however, it doesn’t quite do that well in getting rid of make up. It doesn’t remove my eye make up very well, it’s hard to shift liquid eyeliner and waterproof mascara with this micellar water. Therefore, I use this in the morning to cleanse my face before I apply my make up.
If you prefer milky cleansers, the Cleansing Milk is great for removing make up as well as cleansing. It’s a creamy, moisturising formula that leaves the skin smooth and soft. I’ve been using this in the evening to as a make up remover and to cleanse my face. I apply it all over and then wipe with a cotton pad and then finally washing my face with a cold muslin cloth to remove any residue away. The cream dissolves my make up and removes my eye make up much more effectively than the micellar cleansing water. 
affordable skincare
Day Cream* £4.49
Night Cream* £4.49
Both of these face creams are pH-neutral and helps to relieve skin from redness, tightness and dryness. They contain a caring formula of licorice extract and grape seed oil for it’s soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. The gentle day cream contains SPF15 to protect you from the sun and prevent premature ageing. The calming night cream supports the skin’s regeneration process at night and provides a relaxed skin feeling when you wake up in the morning. I prefer the consistency of the night cream, it sinks in to the skin nicely and there’s a matte finish to it. 
All the products in the range does not contain parabens, colours or perfume. 
Now on to the exciting bit! I’ve been given ten full sets by NIVEA to giveaway to ten lucky winners! Below is what is up for grabs. That’s one day cream, one night cream, a bottle of cleansing milk and a 3-in-1 micellar cleansing water! If you’d like the chance to win then all you have to do is enter via Rafflecopter! 
The mandatory entries are: You have to follow my blog via Bloglovin (I will be checking so you will need to have a valid bloglovin’ account), LIKE my Facebook and NIVEA’s Facebook Page. 
After you’ve done that, there are lots of other options to gain extra entries which increases your chances of winning! Just following the simple instructions on Rafflecopter! Good luck!
beauty product giveaway
Open to UK residents only. 
Competition is for a set of NIVEA Daily Essentials Sensitive Skin range which includes 1 day cream, 1 night cream, 1 cleansing milk and 1 micellar cleansing water. NIVEA reserves the right to amend or withdraw offers at any time. No cash alternatives are available. Free prize draw, no purchase necessary. Giveaway will be live for 7 days, from 27th May to 3rd June midnight. Entries must be submitted via Rafflecopter widget. Ten winners will be selected from Rafflecopter after the closing date, each receiving a full set of NIVEA Sensitive Skin range. NIVEA will be dispatching the prizes from their London offices.
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65 thoughts on “Face Care For Sensitive Skin from NIVEA Daily Essentials Range

  1. Thankyou for the fantastic giveaway! I love Nivea products such great quality, that leave my skin soft and beautiful and such reasonable prices!

  2. Lovely giveaway – I do love Nivea skincare, their Pure & Natural day moisturiser has served me well over the last couple of years, but with my pregnant skin now, it's just not cutting it, so time for a change 🙂


  3. Love that Nivea has brought out a sensitive range. And a Micellar water, have also been hearing so much about these and would love to try it out.

    I can still remember when growing up the blue pot of Nivea cream on my mum's dressing table and the classic Nivea smell it had!

  4. My skin is so sensitive and even worse since I got pregnant with my baby – he's now 13 months but I'm still feeding him and my skin flares up so I'm always looking for gentle products to try. This looks fabulous and thanks so much for the gorgeous giveaway. Xx @Rachel1383

  5. I love Nivea; the products are so good and are affordable prices. I especially love the pearl roll on deoderant; it smells soooo good, and the in shower moisturiser is great for when you haven't got the time to moisturise your entire body with a lotion.

  6. A lovely giveaway. My mum who is 79 swears buy it and you should see her skin….. She looks in her 60's. So hopefully I'll follow suit like her.

  7. I always used to use Nivea but I haven't used it in years. I didn't even know there was a sensitive range available now

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