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I’ve been wanting to do a photography post for ages – like, almost two years! – but I’ve never known where to start!

I have finally decided to split it into a 4-part mini series.

Speaking out as a blogger to other bloggers about all things photography, I will cover DSLR cameras, settings/lighting, editing and photography apps.

Photography advice for fashion and beauty bloggers

What Cameras Do Bloggers Use? | Blog Photography Advice

It’s a pretty common question and I get asked this all the time.

To start with, if you’re thinking of starting a blog and you are completely new at photography, don’t feel pressurised to create the most perfect images.

It can be daunting when you’re a beginner at both blogging and photography so to start off with, use what you’ve already got to learn and gain some understanding in how to take a good picture. Phone cameras and point-and-shoot camera are brilliant these day, especially if you know how to work your magic on editing apps such as VSCO and Afterlight!

What cameras do fashion bloggers use, fashion blog photography advice

Butf you’ve been blogging for a while and you’re no longer a newbie to the scene, and you feel like you are ready to take it to the next level then you’re probably wondering what camera other fashion/beauty bloggers use?

If you’re thinking of taking your blog and your photography up a notch, and you feel like you have exhausted your current camera and want to upgrade to something better, there are so many choices in the market. I have been told that bridge cameras are a nice step up but I’ve personally never used one before so can’t comment on that.

I had a basic Casio digital point-and-shoot but I quickly grew out of that. I have been using an entry level DLSR for the past 7 years which I shoot on manual mode. Shooting manual is daunting to begin with but once you get to grips with it, it becomes second nature and entry-level cameras will start you off nicely.

DLSR Nikon d3100, fashion bloggers camera
What camera do I use?

At the moment, I am using Nikon cameras (woop! Team Nikon!) and my first DSLR was the D60 which I got in 2009, but it broke so I bought a Nikon D3100 – which I’ve had for 3 years.

It is relatively small and lightweight for a DSLR, and it’s extremely easy to navigate around the settings. By now, there will be an updated version of it but for a beginner with minimal experience in photography, this is a great model to start you off with. I learned to use it pretty quickly.

I really like the D3100 and I only have two lenses for it: kit lens and a 35mm lens, both are absolutely fine for what I do.

I have a small collection of other cameras for days out and family occasions including a Lomography Diana camera, Fuji Instax, and Canon Powershot, and a couple of lovely old cameras handed down to me from relatives who don’t use them anymore, but for my blog, I will always pick up my DSLR.

Check The Specs

At the end of the day, you want to invest in something that works for you and the first thing I’d do is ask yourself what it is you want from it. Make a list of features you’d use and match it with the spec of the camera you’ve got your eye on within your budget.

It might not tick every single box on your list and you might want to save up more to buy the next model up. For instance, my camera doesn’t have a flip screen, and the recording function isn’t good enough for YouTube videos – it records 10 minutes at a time before it cuts out. But if budget is limited (like mine was), then remember that there’s always a way to go around it!

Find the camera that you’re most comfortable with and invest in a couple of lenses. An advanced photographer armed with an average camera will take a better picture than a beginner photographer with an expensive camera. Its not necessarily what you have, but more how you use it.

Research and Read Tutorials

There are so many resources out there to help with photography. I’m not a professional photographer but I’ve gained a keen interest in photography so I’m completely self-taught.

I couldn’t be without my camera, it’s a big part of what I do and I really enjoy learning about photography so I can get better at it.

I recommend DigitalRev YouTube channel, it’s like Top Gear for camera fans where there will review camera and offer photography tips.

Stay tuned for the next photography post same time next week!

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19 thoughts on “What Cameras Do Bloggers Use? | Blog Photography Advice

  1. I'm looking forward to the rest of your photography posts.
    I have a Canon 550D, so it's intersting to know the differences between Canon and Nikon. My camera is the same with filming, I think the max it has done at once is 12 minutes.

  2. this is such a great idea for a series of posts! I recently upgraded to my first DSLR (Canon 1100d) which is basic but such a step up from what I was using. I'm hooked on getting better at photography now! xx

  3. This is so useful, thank you. At the moment I use my little Panasonic Lumix but me and my boyfriend have been talking about getting ourselves a DSLR as a little Chiatmas present.

    Chloe x

  4. I use the D3100 too and would undoubtedly recommend it to anyone! To get a lens that will autofocus you'll need to look for an AF-S lens, this is the 50mm that I use: Also, my screen does rotate so it's odd that yours doesn't!
    I've considering upgrading as I've had this camera since it came out and I would really like something a little bit more advanced (and with a flippy screen) but at the moment I still love the D3100 so I'm going to wait until it bites the dust x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  5. I've been thinking about getting a DSLR for a while but first I decided that I would have to work with my current camera (a Samsung PL200 ) and get to know photography better before spending so much on a DSLR. It's been a tricky thing but, it's good. This camera makes think about good and bad lighting, something I wouldn't consider.
    Anyway, thank you for your lovely post <3
    Take care*

  6. Great post. I've recently bought the Canon EOS M. The main thing I liked about it is the fact that it's got the quality of a dslr camera but its a lot smaller. I wish it had a the flip out screen that other Canon cameras have though. I'm looking forward to taking outfit photos with it 😀

    Yazmin xx

  7. I have a Nikon D3100 and an Instax 8 too! I'm thinking of upgrading my D3100 soon but am also considering just upgrading the lens and finally getting round to using my video camera for YouTube bits. It's not a bad model for the price, and as I don't tend to photograph much other than day-to-day family bits and blog bits, it does the job fairly well! Lovely post Sarah xx

  8. I have a Nikon D70, although I wish it wasn't so heavy! I sometimes just pack my compact to save the shoulder ache, but it would be good to own a lightweight DSLR in the future. x

  9. Thanks for sharing!
    I bought a Canon DSLR years ago but because it's so bulky and so hard to take around, I've left it alone for awhile. I'm hoping to pick it up again and learn more about it. I'd love to hear more about your blogging experience with your camera.

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