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Around this time last year, I did a prom dress guide and it went down really well so I thought I would do another one. My sister has her prom this year so I am living it vicariously through her since proms wasn’t not a “thing” in the UK back when I was at school and I never went through the whole big dress, fancy limo, end-of-secondary-school celebrations! I couldn’t even tell you what I would have worn if we had one but as it was the early 2000’s and still reeling off from the back of the 90’s fashion so a quick look in Jane Norman and a couple of pieces from Claire’s Accessories would have sufficed. I didn’t go to my end of year 11 disco party thing, but it definitely wasn’t a prom. 
After going shopping for prom dresses my little sister recently, and popping in to various bridal/evening gown boutiques last year with my other sister who was getting married, it was really prominent that the big and colourful prom dresses were becoming more and more popular with the teens. And they don’t come cheap! Whilst there are some really extravagant and beautiful dresses out there to make you stand out from the crowd, I think I prefer the more delicate pastels. It is most likely that as a 15 or 16 year old girl, I would have wanted to opt for the latest fad and gone with the crowd, and I know it is easy for me to sit here and say as an adult that I am happy enough with myself to wear something I feel comfortable in as opposed to going with the trend; but with so much choice out there now, it is possible to find your perfect prom dress. For me, I prefer something a bit more muted but still completely gorgeous in it’s own way. 
It is kind of like an updated version of last year’s prom post – again with the pastel theme. However, unlike last year though, I haven’t spotted that many prom dress options on the high street. There was loads in Miss Selfridge and Topshop last year, and I just had a quick browse through Oasis and Coast but couldn’t see anything that stood out but it’s Ted Baker to the rescue! I love every single one of these dresses and they are all very pricy but at least it’s a style that you can wear over and over again!
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9 thoughts on “Designer Prom Dresses In Pastel Colours

  1. Here there isn't a massive culture of prom either…but I really like that blue and black dress! (the second one, counting from the last) It's super pretty and reminds me of Frozen!
    Take care*

  2. Oh Ted Baker… If only I had been a glamourous and savvy enough teenager to know about his beautiful designs back when I had my prom (which feels like a million years ago now.) Then again, it wouldn't have mattered, since in the end I had the chicken pox for my prom! C'est la vie. As much fun as it all is, life is just beginning at that stage.
    PS: So lovely to reconnect with you, miss!

  3. These make me wish I could go to prom again, my dress was not nearly as gorgeous as any of those. Also my style has changed a lot since but these pastels make me swoon.

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