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Buzz buzz! Here’s another bee related brand on my blog and this time, it’s Beefayre! 
First off, the packaging is GORGEOUS, I’m sure you will agree! It has captured my heart! I’m often guilty of buying something on impulse if it looks pretty! Well, I suppose that’s the whole point of it, to entice you with it’s pretty packaging! 
The contents of the packaging was definitely not a disappointment. Usually, when something arrives through the post, I will literally tear it up to get inside! I handled this bunch of with care, but I was equally excited (if not more!) to get in to it all and start using everything! 
beefayre reed diffuser
beefayre reed diffuser
The first thing I wanted to open was the reed diffuser*, followed by the candles! I am obsessed with home fragrances as I think it can create a nice atmosphere and evoke certain feelings. The reed diffuser and the candle both have scents that remind me of Spring. The reed diffuser last up to six weeks and this one is the rhubarb and raspberry scent which smells deliciously fruity, and as you can imagine, sweet and slightly tart. It has a sweetness to it, something in it smells like bubblegum which is really nice! The rhubarb comes through and the mouth-watering fragrance spread throughout the whole room! I highly recommend this scent! In fact, I’m going to buy one for my mum and another for my Grandma, who have both mentioned wanting to use reed diffusers in recent months.
The candle* is a the bluebell and wood anemone one and it’s delicate scent that reminds me of being in the garden during the Summer where all the plants have grown and the scent of florals is prominent in the air. It just smells like an English Garden on a really sunny day! Beefayre candles are made with 100% natural plant wax and is handpoured in to recycled glass. The wick is made of cotton so no sooty glame or parrafin toxins. It states that when the wax is warm, it can be used massaged in to your hands as a massage oil. Of course, not whilst the candle is burning and definitely wait until the wax has cooled down slightly. I haven’t tried this and to be honest, I’m not sure I’m going to give it a go – but it’s a great idea.
beefayre lip balm
On to some beauty products now! The fresh lime and lemon lip balm* smells like Starbursts sweets! There are nine scents in the lip balm range including peaches and cream (YUM), chocolate and wild mint,  and raspberry and vanilla – spoilt for choice! All of these lip balms are 100% organic and made with natural beeswax and melissa oil. Melissa oil has antibacterials properties and the beeswax does a mighty good job of keeping your lips moisturised. I think I’ll go for the peaches and cream next time! A girl can never have too many lip balms! 
beefayre body butter
This is a big tub of body butter with an orange and jasmine scent and I like to use this in the morning after a shower (and use the relax cocoon Sanctuary Spa body butter after a bath in the evening). The Beefayre Orange and Jasmine Body Butter* is made with essential oils abd it is velvety and really moisturising. I hate the runny kind that doesn’t seem to absorb and you end up with flaky skin an hour after you’ve applied it. Well, this one from Beefayre isn’t like that. It’s rich and nourishing, and smells lovely. The orange scent doesn’t linger like real oranges tend to, so no worries you’ll reek of tangy fruit all day long! 
Beefayre products are SO lovely and I’ve really enjoyed using everything. From it’s wonderful packaging to the brand philosophy, this brand is certainly one to rave about! More importantly, I have loved learning about these amazing brands who donate to bee conservations and brings awareness to why we need to support and protect them. I’ve heard a lot about Beefayre through Twitter from people who are huge fans of their products.
All products made by Beefayre are parabens and sulphate free. They do not test on animals. Visit their site and see the BEE-autiful range for yourself! 😉

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11 thoughts on “A Better Way To Bee… | Beefayre Product Review

  1. I haven't heard of these products before but can certainly see why you found it hard to resist temptation, the packaging is so pretty. I love the sound of the reed diffuser, I have a rhubarb and rose Molton Brown handwash and cream in my cloakroom and people always remark on it, including my 26 year old son!!! x

  2. I love your photos they're beautiful! I just found your blog through Beefayre's Instagram! I recently bought some of their tea light candles that smell delicious – I'm actually going to visit them next week at their grounds where they have the bees & make the products so I'm really excited for that! Might have to pick up a body butter too it sounds delicious 🙂

  3. I am so guilty of impulse buying things just because the packaging is pretty – and Beefayre has completely sucked me in! The candles and reed diffuser are too lovely.

  4. Wow, I've never heard of this brand before but everything sounds gorgeous! That candle looks especially lovely, off to have a little look on their website now.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor

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