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When I started these monthly round up posts, I didn’t think I would enjoy looking back on what I’ve been up to as much as I have. As expected, May has been really fun and busy! It started with a lovely Sunday meeting up with little puppy Bonnie, my mum and my sister! We had a picnic at the park and took Bonnie for a long walk where she met lots of other doggy friends. I think we were too enthusiastic to hit the park for a picnic because it was far too cold and windy, I ended up with more hair in my month than food!
This month, I tried to do a weekly series on fashion blog photography. I’ve managed two! The first being “What Camera Do Fashion Bloggers Use” and the second one “Photography Tips on Lighting” which I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading them. They took so long to put together. Photography is something that’s quite important to blogging now, and as they say, picture says a thousand words but I know it’s not as straight forward as picking up your camera and clicking away! I know that only too well! I hope that anyone who has read them has found it useful. As I have promised to do four photography posts, that means that I owe you guys two more! And they are on the way! Soon!
There were some awesome new drops at Hero&Cape these past couple of months, and I’ve been able to work with some bloggers which was nice. Also, f you’re after THE pineapple print t-shirt of the season, look no further than Hero&Cape! I can’t wait to wear mine, it just hasn’t been warm enough yet.
Enough of the weather talk! This month, we went out for a posh family dinner to celebrate Niki’s birthday! I had pressed pork belly and pea puree, followed by a platter of miniature desserts (YUM!) and then of course, we went to London (< you can read about it there), where we stuffed our faces with Patty&Bun, SNOG froyo and other delicious foods which are not pictured here! On the subject of food, we decided to switch to a different supermarket to do our food shopping. I live right next door to a massive Sainsbury’s branch, but the novelty wore off a long time ago. I used to love food shopping, now I find it an absolute chore! …Until we went to Morrisons and re-discovered the salad bar, and YUMMY pastries! You have to try the cinnamon buns with the soft cheese icing. It’s the best! All this talk of food is making me so hungry! Going to grab myself an iced bun now!
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6 thoughts on “A Little Catch Up!

  1. I love catch up posts – I think they're my favourite! It sounds like you've had a super month, hopefully June will be just as good, if not better! xx

  2. Your photography is absolutely gorgeous lovely!!
    I posted a little monthly catch up post today on my blog as well. I really love seeing how everyone's month's have been. 🙂 It looks like you had a fantastic and really busy May.

    Ellis – Ellis Tuesday

  3. Ah it looks like you've been up to some exciting things lately! I loooove that pineapple print, so gorgeous. I'm kind of the same with my supermarkets, I live right next door to a Sainsbury's and get student discount in the Co-Op but I still prefer Morrisons, I find it much better quality and they have some amazing stuff – the brownies are to die for!x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

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