February Round Up
I was determined to have a better month and I kept myself busy with a new routine. It was the month of my birthday and the only presents I asked for included a smoothie maker and a couple of new SD cards for my camera. On a quest to be healthier and eat more fruit, the smoothie maker has been great for making a quick and nutritional breakfast, as I’m not one to stomach food at such an early time of day. I usually skip breakfast (really bad, I know!) and just grab a coffee, then get something small to eat at brunch! Anyway – I digress! – In early February, Bonnie the puppy got her first haircut which was really cute. She also went to the vets for her spaying operation the week after so that was stressful, but she came home full of beans and was back to her usual self after 2 days! During the month, I tried a lot of beauty products last month which included some Soap & Glory body scrubs that I had bought from the Boots offer, a gorgeous Jo Malone bath oil from my friend Beth, and a bunch of Lush stuff
I switched off from London Fashion Week coverage which all happened three weeks ago, although I have caught up with what the upcoming fashion trends are for A/W 14 from reading selected highlights. Style posts on my blog included a couple collaborations with drinks companies (I’m becoming an expert with this!) and I dressed in my favourite – well, my only! – my pink jacket from topshop, and my attempt to incorporate some fruity colours in to my outfit in the Rekorderlig Cider post. It made me realise that I don’t have a lot of brightly coloured clothing. What I do have, though, are a lot of dresses in blue! ASOS also kept me busy and asked me to style a pair of tribal shorts in three ways, which was fun! I spent the last couple of days of February taking you on a little virtual tour around what used to be hometown, which was a tiny project with Cath Kidston. If you haven’t done so yet, do check out the blog post because it is different from my usual style/beauty content! 
The best thing about last month was that I got in to a new work and blogging routine, but I’ve got a feeling that it might mess up again this weekend because I’m going to stay up to watch The Academy Awards on Sunday! Monday is going to be a grumpy one! All in all, when I look back on February, I feel that it has been a positive month. More so than January! March is one of my favourite months and I absolutely love this time of year when it becomes warmer, and all the flowers and trees start to grow again! 
Hope you’ve all had a brilliant month. Are we all looking forward to Spring? 
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13 thoughts on “Instagram Round Up • February

  1. So many pretty photos! Oscar's is my favourite <3
    I really want spring again. It's so cold here…and the rain is a nightmare!

    Take care, have a nice day! <3

  2. All your Instagram photos are sooo pretty and pastel! I also enjoyed February a lot more than January, although I'm glad it's March … I can't wait for all the beautiful spring flowers to arrive!

  3. Such pretty photos! I'm looking forward to spring, too, and considering staying up for the Oscars tonight although not counting on making it all the way through! x

  4. Your month seems to have been a very good one, it's nice to read that you've enjoy it.
    Also, you have a new follower on Instagram! 😉


  5. I just wanted to say I am really loving your blog… it's so beautiful, bright and colourful and just reading through the past few posts has brought a really big smile to my face (and I was actually in a bit of a grumpy mood before) So thank you! 🙂

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