How To Wear: Midi Skirt for Petite Girls (Under 5ft3)

Some people might say that petite girls (that’s the nice word for “short”) should probably stay away midi skirts and there was a time when I would listen.
Even a couple of years ago, I might’ve said on my blog that I only wear things above the knee. But not any more. As someone who is petite (under 5ft3), I have found my way to embrace midi skirts.
I have wished for so long that midi (and maxi) skirts would suit me, and now I’ve found a way to wear them so that they do!
How To Wear: Midi Skirt for Petite Girls (Under 5ft3)
Firstly, for maxi should always skim the floor so if it’s a little on the long side, wear heels or wedges sandals to give that extra length to pull off maxi’s. However, I’ve found a skirt that skims the floor perfectly which means I can wear it comfortable with flat sandalsย without it making me look stumpy.
I don’t shy away from midi or maxi skirts and dresses anymore and I reckon I’ve got mastered the style for a petite girl.
Styling tips on how to wear a midi skirt if you’re 5ft3 or under
As someone who’s under 5ft3, I’ve mastered how to style a midi skirt without looking frumpy! Read on for my style tips on how to style midi skirt:
1. Wear the midi skirts a bit higher up on the waist, if you can. No, we’re not talking Simon Cowell style (ew), but by pulling the waist band up to your belly button will give the illusion of elongating the lower part of your body.
2. Wear a belt to break up the proportion, again giving the illusion of elongation from waist to leg, making you appear taller than you actually are.
3. Minimalist jewellery – nothing too dangly, fussy or chunky, so that it feels weighty or “pulled down”.
4. Simple accessories like a small bag in one block colour that complements the overall look rather than making it look clunky, awkward or uncomfortable for you.
5. On me, midi’s don’t look nice with flat shoes, so I’ll always try to pair with heels if I can! Bad for my feet but good for posture!
I’ve applied the same tips here myself, with my new black midi skirt. Also, if I want it to be an inch shorter so that it’s just above the knee, it can be rolled up once before securing with a belt.
Another styling tip that makes a difference for how the overall outfit looks is to tie my hair up. This outfit doesn’t look good when I’ve got my hair down, as it just looks really “weighed down”, if that makes sense?
Putting a simple top knot gives it a fresh look! Having said that, I do need a hair cut though, it is so long at the moment!
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I’ve paired the skirt up with a fairly eye-catching top. Horizontal stripes doesn’t suit everyone but ultimately, the stripy top draws attention away from my skirt.
Accessorising this with a red bag give this outfit a bit of a nautical vibe. The skirt is made of a soft jersey, us light weight, floaty, and totally perfect for Spring.
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21 thoughts on “How To Wear: Midi Skirt for Petite Girls (Under 5ft3)

  1. I actually feel like I look taller with my hair cut off. (From afar and with no height visual references, of course!) I'm loving it! You could definitely pull off short hair. Also I really like the length of this skirt. Hitting right below the knee is a good hemline for short girls – or really anybody. I think midi skirts just look awkward if they hit right at the biggest part of the calf. This length you're wearing is super flattering and very retro. I approve!

  2. Great tips! I will definitely benefit from these ๐Ÿ™‚
    You're right about the hairstyle too, I always find that if I wear my hair down with a midi-skirt it can look a bit too much. The top knot looks fab ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I'm 5ft 1 so anything thing that makes me look tall, I'm up for it! I've been loving anything maxi lately because I feel it gives an illusion of height, especially if worn high waisted like you mention, but still a tad wary about midi length items because I just find it ending at awkward lengths :/ That being said though, I really want to try a full midi skirt!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm – fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  4. I'm so glad you blogged about this! I'm 5ft3 and really want to wear midi skirts but feel they're a little out of my comfort zone. I bought one from ASOS the other day and ended up sending it back as I wasn't sure I'd get much wear out of it. They can sometimes make petite girls look frumpy but you have proven that with the right top and shoes they can look super stylish on up short girls too!


  5. I've been looking at midi skirts for a while but always feel the length is a little too long, at 5'2'' I have the same complexes when I put skirts that are slightly longer on.
    This length looks perfect here and if I do wear a longer skirt then this is about my limit, I just pull the waist up a little too.

    ~ K

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