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Shirt and Bag Laura Ashley* / Jeans Topshop / Watch F&F / Shoes Miss Selfridge (old, but similar here) / Sunglasses* RayBan Wayfarers 
I couldn’t resist putting this photo of the puppy on here. Once I finished taking this outfit photos, Bonnie came and plonked herself on my legs! I’ll have to take her with me next time! We didn’t go anywhere that required walking far, literally out of the car and into the coffee shop, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get those court shoes out again. You know, the ones I bought on a whim and have only worn twice! It instantly transformed a very simple outfit into a somewhat smart one. I think I’m going to buy a pair of these in black, I would wear them more often and it would look better with black skinny jeans, I reckon! Of course, that’s not necessarily true, that’s just me trying to justify spending £39 on a pair of shoes – something that happens quite frequently on this blog. They heels are not too high and it makes the outfit look that little bit more “grown up” than when I wear my round-toed ballet flats although the latter is much more appropriate for a Sunday afternoon, I must admit! 
I’m currently loving my new bag from Laura Ashley, which goes nicely with the subtle vertical brown button-stand on my shirt. Kept the outfit very simple, and wore no jewellery. I don’t think it needs it. Just a classic black watch, a beautiful bag and red nail polish! That F&F black watch was an absolute bargain at £8, I’ve had it for a year and have worn it loads and it hasn’t broken or stopped working (yet). It’s still in good shape! I’ve bought watches for less than £10 before and they always need a battery replacement after 6 months. 

After a bit of a walk about today, I’m settling down now to get some work done before watching The Oscars much later on. Rooting for Leo, even though he probably won’t win (again!). I love it and stay up to watch it live every year. It really messes up my routine though, and I think I’ll probably sleep in tomorrow so that’s why I’m trying to get up to date with most of tomorrow’s work. OR… I might pull an all-nighter (uni style!). How did I ever stay awake for more than 24 hours when I was a student, I do not know, but I can’t hack it anymore, it always makes me feel sick now, and coffee, redbull or pro-plus just makes it worse! So weak!

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27 thoughts on “What I Wore: Laura Ashley Shirt

  1. Ha pro plus got me through most of uni too! Love this outfit, and the heels make the whole thing just look, we, so effortlessly chic as always!
    I'm also rooting for Leo 😀


  2. You look lovely! I actually went in to Laura Ashley today to look at the interior design bits, but didn't realise they had gorgeous clothing as well! The shirt is so pretty and sophisticated, and I'm already looking into the watch – bargain at £8! x

  3. You look stunning in these pictures! You have a very good fashion sense 🙂
    Your style is classy and smart but at the same it doesn't make you look older. It just fits perfectly in you! I love it!

  4. I Love, love the outfit!
    The shirt and the bag are so nice *__* I really need to look after something like that!
    Take care, have a nice day!*

  5. I love your hair so much – I need to grow mine a bit more so I can get those perfect curls in like yours! I love that you're wearing sunnies again – it was beautiful on Saturday and I totally could have worn sunnies too!

  6. Love that Laura Ashley purse! It's simple and yet so chic! I love it! Leo didn't win 🙁 I was sad but then again Matthew McConaughey did an excellent job in Dallas Buyers Club! Leo was amazing in Wolf of Wall Street too! They were both great movies! I feel like there were so many great films this year it was hard to pick from any of them! I wanted them all to be winners!


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