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How To Wear The Tribal Trend
After spending the past two weeks writing up beauty posts, I feel out of the loop with fashion and style blogging! To ease myself back in, I’ve got this ‘three ways to wear’ post for you today! For the next week or so, I will be blogging about each look individually, along with all the usual detail shots and information on where to buy the clothes. It just makes things easier as I’ve got lots of photos of each outfit, we’d be here forever waiting for the post to load! I also wish I filmed these looks as it would have made a nice ‘lookbook’ style video when everything is put together, but boo to me for not thinking far ahead! 
Talking of thinking far ahead, a trend that will be huge for Spring/Summer 14 is tribal print. Here is a brief overview of how versatile these shorts are, it looks like these shorts will look great all year round, but also Spring/Summer! ASOS sent me a pair of tribal culotte shorts* and had set me a challenge to style them in three different ways. I’m always up for a style challenge, and for making a trend work for me but when I was given the trend “Gap Yeah!”, I was worried! I’d love to be able to pull off embroidered caps or cool aztec rucksacks, but knowing that they don’t suit me, I went on a search to find a single key item that would suit me in three different styles. I settled on the black and white culotte shorts and I made the decision to do a casual look and a smart one, but knew I didn’t want to do all three looks in a monochrome style. I actually shot these photos at the beginning of February, and it was indeed FREEZING cold (oh my god, SO cold!), so it might not look very S/S here. If the temperature is anything less 15º, you’ll still find me in tights during Spring anyway, but when the warmer weather comes round again, I can lose the heavy leather jacket and the thick opaque tights, and swap the boots for lovely lightweight sandals! 
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19 thoughts on “3 Ways To Wear Tribal Print Shorts

  1. Ohhh I love thy type of posts *__*
    It's always good to see that with the same piece, we can make different combinations and styles!
    Can't wait to see more classy looks from you :3
    Take care, have a nice day*

  2. Sarah! How come everything you wear looks amazing? I love all three of these and you look so pretty with your hair up! Gah I sound like the girl from mean girls. You look so sexy with your hair pushed back

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