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I’m sure there’s an unspoken rule in fashion where one must not wear Laura Ashley with any form of denim! Well, I committed that fashion crime! I thought I’d go for a Made-In-Chelsea-Millie-Macintosh style with a floppy hat and a cream blazer, but I was stuck on what bottoms to wear. I can’t remember why I bought this blazer, I might have taken style inspiration from Wimbledon whilst I was watching it on TV! It isn’t something that I wear a lot, in fact, this is the second time I’ve taken it out of my wardrobe! In my mind, cream blazers can look either mumsy or remind me of WAGs. Not a bad thing, I’m just neither a mum or a WAG! (Wah! Where am I going wrong in life?)
To be honest, the real reason (probably) as to why I’ve not worn the blazer is because I’m rubbish at wearing whites and neutrals. These days, I tend to do things on-the-go (don’t waste any time! Go go GO!!!) and that makes me careless. I spill things all the time and have often ruined white tops and dresses. At the very least, a coffee stain will end up in the middle of the garment and I won’t even have realised until it has stubbornly embedded itself into the fabri. I may need to start wearing a bib, or learn how to get rid of stains without further ruining clothes!
So, I ended wearing a very short pair of Topshop shorts with some triangular rose gold studs on them. I do love them, it’s a bit of a cheat in to making my legs looks longer. But, I almost feel bad for teaming a gorgeous, demure Laura Ashley shirt with a pair of studded denim shorts. I do like the 70s vibe of this outfit. A 70’s vibe, that is, with a modern twist. Maybe next time, I’ll go all out with this and I’ll swap the shorts for a pair of flared trousers! 
What would you wear with Laura Ashley? And any style suggestions on other ways to wear this cream blazer?
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32 thoughts on “Outfit Ideas • What To Wear With A Cream Blazer?

  1. My cream and white blazers (yes, plural!) are such a favourite and staple piece in my wardrobe that I'd probably be happy to even wear them with pyjamas! It definitely looks good on you – you should wear it more! And I love the added floppy hat. For me I think it just as easily smartens up my jeans as it does stop any skirt I'm wearing from looking too childish.

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  2. You even make Shorts Chic T___T This is sooo unfair!! :<
    Anyway, I really love this look! I need to get a nice blazer like this.

    Take care dear, have a wonderful day <3 *

  3. The look is soo cute **
    The white blazer is gorgeous. If I owned one I would not wear it, because I would be afraid to make a stain or just dirty it, white clothes are a pain to use 🙁

    Ines Loves
    Have a lovely day! <3
    IT *

  4. I like the styling you've gone for with the blazer, but I agree that it's a tricky one for casual wear. I'd probably think of it as a work or wedding thing. Maybe with a cute summer dress? It works for matching it with grungy things if you're trying to keep it down, like a band tee for instance.

  5. Seriously stunning photos! I need to convince my boyfriend to get clued up on photography and become my personal street snapper…

    I have a white blazer which I love pairing with a black tee, blue jeans and a statement necklace

    Smaz Says

    Sarah x

  6. I love this outfit, I would never have guessed the shirt was Laura Ashley! I think it looks great paired with the denim shorts, it makes a normally quite formal shirt and blazer much more relaxed for the daytime 🙂

    Hope you're well lovely!
    emmerliejay x

  7. I think the soft shirt works really well with the tough denim shorts you little fitty! Seriously Sarah, your photos are incredibly beautiful all of the time. As is your wardrobe. And you. And Oscar. xxx

  8. Love that outfit, especially the hat! I never would have thought of wearing a wide-brim hat with a more casual outfit, but the combination looks great together!

    I found your blog on Bloglovin', and now you have a new follower!

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