Valentine’s Day is my FAVOURITE day of the year. Well, sort of. Hear me out! I’m actually not all that keen on the whole lovey-dovey vibe, but 14th February just happens to be my birthday (YAY!) It’s a nice day to have a birthday, I guess! It’s an easy one to remember, but not a great date to plan for things! Meals out with a bunch of friends are always awkward. Couples on a romantic meal out don’t like noise, apparently! Oops!
Anyway! Some of you may know that I was asked to collaborate with LOOK Mag and Malibu last Spring/Summer, and I’ve been creating social media content for Malibu on a monthly basis since then. I’ll do a round up in Spring, but for now, we thought that this one might be good content for the blog as I have created two looks with a pretty Valentine’s Day theme that I’d like to tell you about (although, of course you don’t have to be loved-up to wear them!) It goes with my blog rather well, seeing as it’s looking oh-so pink lately!
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This first look is a glamorous, dressed-up style which remains classy and feminine. The lipstick red dress (which also comes in black) is perfect for all kinds of occasions such as girls’ night out, lavish dinner parties, birthday celebrations, weddings, and a hot date with your mister! It’s basically perfect for any occasion that involves a yummy Malibu cocktail or two! The dress itselfis a beautiful, sexy and flattering shape which shows off just the right amount of skin, I reckon! I’d team it up with black shoes and a hard case clutch bag. A rose gold watch gives it a updated modern twist as opposed to a classic bracelet (and how else are you suppose to tell when it’s cocktail hour?) . I wouldn’t want to go for anything too shiny, delicate or diamond-y – nothing that says “classic” or “dated”, so stay away from pearls and dainty diamonds. We want this look to make a stylish and fashionable statement, so I’d team it up with a jewelled necklace in a muted pink shade, which would add a dash of colour but not sparkle. For me, when I wear anything strapless, I usually wear something quite chunky on the neck to balance things out otherwise I’d feel too “bare”. My hair style of choice would be a big bun, or top knot. Maybe a beehive if I fancy making the extra effort! …I think I might’ve just talked myself in to buying this dress!….
fashion inspiration for valentines day
Topshop Pink Top / Topshop Black Skirt / ASOS Black Court Shoes / Topshop Lipgloss / New Look Handbag / Topshop Nail Polish / ASOS Watch / Miss Selfridge Ring
This outfit is for a more low-key date, or for those celebrating the day with your single ladies friends (delicious pink cocktails for everyone!) The items in this look are more versatile than the other one, it is something you can mix and match, and wear all year round. Pink is set to be a big colour this S/S 14 and I know it’s not the most easiest colour to wear (oh, how I wish I could pull of THAT baby pink coat that bloggers have been wearing all winter!), but they key is to mix it with staple pieces like a simple black skirt and unfussy shoes. I’ve got that skirt and as you can imagine, it goes with most tops that I’ve got in my wardrobe! I am also seriously lusting after those shoes, I need to add more pointy shoes to my ever growing collection and I’ve got my eyes firmly on them! Very minimal jewellery pieces worn with this look – only a small ring and a gorgeous Olivia Burton watch from ASOS. The nail colour is a creamy pale pink, which looks like it could be a dupe for Essie Fiji. 
What do you ladies think of both looks and are you a fan of Valentines Day? Most importantly, have you tried any of those Malibu cocktails? The Malibu Belini and Mali-Woo Woo are my favourite! 
Don’t forget to visit the Malibu Facebook Page for yummy cocktail recipes, and regular giveaways! 
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16 thoughts on “Outfit Ideas: Pretty Valentine

  1. Looove the second outfit, that pink Topshop top is gorgeous! Me and my single gal pals are planning on having a night in together wearing pretty dresses and eating heart-shaped cakes, might have to try out some of the Malibu cocktails too!
    Gillian · x

  2. I would wear the dress from the first look, but in black, and pair it with golden jewelry (like the rose gold watch) and red accessories – red clutch, red shoes, red nailpolish, red lipstick. My preferred colour red is not the bright colour like the dress shown, but more subtle – with blue-ish undertone.
    Thanks for the ideas!
    London Domestic Cleaner

  3. Love the elegant dress from the first outfit. Really classy and beautiful! I think the rose gold watch and bracelet are a nice touch as well – the Olivia burton one is even more lovely! I'm underage so I can't try cocktails haha but they look good!!

  4. I definitely need to try some of these Malibu cocktails!! They look and sound so delicious! In need of a girl's night I think 🙂 I love both of these outfits and I especially love your tip about not wearing a necklace too dainty like pearls etc. I can remember an outfit I wore on a night out once and I put a pearl necklace on with this gorgeous spaghetti strap dress, and I couldn't decide what it was about the ensemble that was making me look a bit too, you know, posh?! It was the pearl necklace! A chunky statement necklace like the one pictured would have made such a difference. I've been on the hunt for the perfect chunky statement necklace for a while now, but nothing has quite been right. I'll keep on searching though! I love those heels in the bottom outfit, the toe cap detail is gorgeous! I hope you've got something wonderful planned for your birthday lovely 🙂 the 14th was my dad's birthday too, so it has been and probably still always will be more of a birthday celebration than a romantic one! xxx

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