This little parcel from Lush* arrived on the morning of Valentine’s Day and once I had opened it, I wanted to get everything photographed so that I could use it all that very day! The package contained three Valentine’s Day themed products which I think may be limited edition but seeing as it’s still February (the month of lurve!), they may still be available in store. I received a Love Locked Bath Ballistic, Close To You Massage Bar and a pretty pink lipgloss. All very pink, girly, and extremely fitting seemed for Valentine’s Day!
Love Locket Ballistic:
Before photographing this, I tried to clean this as much as I could but the more I rubbed the pink dusting off the yellow heart, the more it kept crumbling on to my bed. I thought that I better best leave it before I ruin it! This cost of this is £6.95 which is double the price of their regular bath bombs but this is a pretty special bath ballistic! The inspiration for this comes from those love-heart locket pendant where you open to reveal a photo of your crush. This bath ballistic is meant to be “unlocked” (ie. cracked open in half) to reveal a little surprise, a miniature bath bomb inside packed with paper heart confetti. I’ve seen Instagram and youtube videos where people have just dumped the whole thing in but I think the idea is that this can be used three times which is probably why it costs so much. Ideally, this should crack in half but I hit it against the side of the bath tub and it smashed in to small chunky pieces. The bath ballistics fizzes like mad in water, it’s quite a novelty and I could just sit there and watch it fizz until it is all melted. The scent of the Love Locket is a sweet vanilla, jasmine with neroli oil. I love the little heart confetti it leaves in the water.
Close To You Massage Bar:
This is something I’ve seen a lot of on other blogs, Twitter and Instagram. It looks lovely! I’m a fan of pastel pink and I’m a sucker for anything heart shaped. I was delighted to learn that it was inspired by Jammy Dodger biscuits, so I knew instantly that it would smell NICE! It looks a bit battered from having travelled with the postman for a day and I tried to mould it back up, but alas, even with my re-shaping efforts, it doesn’t quite look like it does on the website. Never mind! It still works perfectly in it’s gorgeously buttery and perfectly moisturising way! It has a sweet candy scent and the bar contains ingredients such as organic shea butter, almond oil, fair trade vanilla and olive oil. 
The Kiss (Lip Gloss):
I’m a fan of Lush’s lip products, quite notably the lip scrubs, and this little tin of gloss is a welcome addition! It’s not like a traditional lip gloss which you’d find in a long shaped wand. The Kiss is more like a shiny balm with a tinted colour to it. I was worried that the pink would come out like it does in the tin (I don’t suit pale pink shades) but it was just the tiniest hint of colour. Unlike lipgloss, this isn’t too greasy or heavy. It smells lovely and packed with ingredients that has moisturising properties like shea butter, manderin oil and capuacu butter. It is free from preservatives but with most LUSH products, it still contains a small and safe amount of synthetic ingredients. I do wish that LUSH would banish the use of synthetic ingredients altogether as I think their customers would be willing to pay a bit more for 100% natural products.
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18 thoughts on “LUSH Review | Valentine’s Range

  1. Everything looks lovely! I'd definitely be wiling to pay a little extra for the bath bomb for more uses rather than just chuck the whole thing in the bath (I once used up a whole Lush Fairy Wand at once even though it had 5+ uses!). And I love the Jammy Dodger inspired bar, the moisturising ingredients in it sound so lovely and luxurious! x

  2. the lip product and the massage bar look really nice *__*
    I usually pass out their bath bombs because I usually just take quick showers and nothing else (nop, sitting on a hot tub isn't my thing…)

    Take care dear, have a nice day!*

  3. I loved all your products! I've never been to Lush before but I've read lovely things about it! I'd love to buy one of those limited edition products, they look so sweet and they make me love everybody! Haha

  4. I am already a big fan of Lush's peppermint lip scrub but these products make me want to visit my local Lush store to see what else I can pick up. I really like the sound of the lip balm!

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