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I’m trying to get the most out of my tartan clothing because you know when Spring comes round, wintery tartan will be old news! I love tartan and hope it’s back in fashion next A/W, I’m still seeing it on so many blogs and on the high street but apart from THE popular Primark dress, I’ve not actually seen many people wear tartan round these parts where I live.

I do appreciate that it’s a strong print and it isn’t the easiest thing to wear though. This dress is a boxy fit on me, making it a nice daywear outfit (comfort first!) and it also has a wide neck which isn’t ideal for those with a long neck… that would be me, by the way! But wearing my hair down and putting a necklace on kind of draws attention away from my self consciousness of my giraffe neck. My Mum’s the same as well, it must be where I get it from!

It’s quite a versatile dress in that I can put a belt around it, team it up with a pair of heels and give it a completely different look. I’ve gone for some boots this time, which I need to break in.

Coolway have a store on Oxford Street where I tried on a pair in a size 5 but they were too big, and as they don’t do half sizes, I went with a 4 which are slightly too small. I waddled in to the park but after ten minutes of standing in the freezing cold for outfit photos, my feet went numb and I could hardly feel the pain! (Yay?!?) I couldn’t find a link for them, they seem to have sold out online, but I have found the same boots in brown which looks nice! I love the strappy ankle details with the chain and the metal stars.

It has been a quiet couple of weeks on this old blog of mine, but I have so many beauty products to show you that I’ll hopefully be back on track this coming week! I’ve taken the photos, I’ve tried them over the past month, and now I just have to write the blog post up – so keep your eyes peeled for them! Thank you for those who commented on my last post, where I briefly mentioned that I closed down my business and in the process of doing something new with my life! I haven’t approved the comments yet because I like to click through to each commenter’s blog to return the love! That way, I know that I’ve replied to your comments and answered any questions you might have!

For various reasons, this month has been mega pants for me! On the upside, January is almost over and February is the month of my birthday so I’ve got that to look forward to!

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32 thoughts on “A/W Trend: How To Style A Tartan Dress

  1. You look lovely Sarah! I haven't really embraced the tartan trend too much this A/W and I don't know why – I really like it! I love how you've styled the dress – lovely boots, and who can resist a fluffy knit!
    I didn't catch your post about you closing down your business, but went to have a read and I wish you all the best with whatever you decide to do next. It must be daunting, after running your own business for so many years, but I'm sure it will all be ok 🙂 xx

  2. The dress is so pretty!
    Sadly I can't find anything like this. Most stores have already their Spring collections (which aren't that bad, I saw a couple of really pretty T-shirts that I really want to get my hands on!)
    The dress looks amazing on you and the coat looks really warm :3
    Take care, have a nice day!*

  3. I really love this plaid dress. That print really never goes out of style though, so no worries! I'm happy it was so popular and accessible this year though. I'm loving all the plaid dresses I've been seeing. Yours is super comfy looking and I love the ankle boots and cute hat paired with it.

  4. I have a hate-love relationship with tartan – love it on others, hate it on myself xD
    But maybe I can somehow get inspired to wear it since I do have some tartan pieces. Your pictures are great as always and I love the hat and your glasses to this outfit ^.^
    Can't wait to see your beauty haul!

  5. You look lovely as always Sarah and your photos are so dreamy! I hope tartan doesn't fade out… I have seen quite a lot of tartan prints in pastel colours so maybe it's here to stay!!! xx

  6. You look fab in this! I hope tartan sticks around for a bit – with the weather here in England I'm sure the cosier tartan pieces will come in handy! xoxo

  7. Oh Sarah you always look so beautiful! And the dress doesn't look boxy at all.

    Sorry to hear January hasn't been that great – here's to the new month!


  8. I'm sorry to hear you've been having a bad month lovely lady, but February is very close and hopefully everything will turn around for you 🙂 especially seeing as it will be your birthday! Your style is always impeccable, I could never fault any outfit of yours! Hopefully your boots will give a little bit and fit better than they do now, being a half size is difficult when there are no half size options, I usually go for the bigger pair and put an extra insole in. xxx

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