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Birchbox* – December 2013 Edition
December’s Birchbox arrived a couple of days ago and I’ve yet to try some of these products properly but here’s a brief round-up if you want to see what is inside the contents of the latest edition:
Number4 Non-Aerosol Hairspray: This reminds me of the salt spray except it holds like a hairspray. It leaves hair looking natural and flexible, and it doesn’t leave a a horrible crispy crunchiness. I haven’t used this for an up-do yet, but I have a feeling that it works best on creating texture or provide a hold on curls. It doesn’t seem to work well on giving volume from the roots, even when back combed but I have been using this instead of salt spray because I like that it doesn’t leave a residual dirty feeling like salt spray does. The smell is quite fruity and much nicer than those from an aerosol, and it’s better for the environment too! It doesn’t feel as harsh on your hair either and it is very easy to brush out at the end of the day.
Sin-Care Party Girl Serum: I thought this was a primer at first due to the name of this product. It’s an odour-less serum which can be used after cleansing. I’m really in to serums lately, I find that it works so well in giving my skin that extra bit of protection. Party Girl works in reducing signs of fatigue due to late nights and alcohol (ah, the name of the product makes sense now!). Apply before moisturiser, either in the morning or at night. I prefer to apply at night time when my skin is free from make up, it allows the serum to work overnight on pure, clean skin. 
Lamilou Body Milk: I don’t think I’ve ever used a body milk before. This one is 100% natural and contains coco butter which is known for it’s antioxidants and moisturising properties. The body milk smells of rose water and it isn’t too over powering like some rose-scented beauty products tend to be. It absorbs in to the skin really quickly and a little goes a long way. I am looking forward to using this more instead of body lotion.
Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow: I’ve said a few times that I am not keen on little tubs of loose powder, so this one remains un-open and I’ll see if my sister would like to try it. I’m not overly keen on shimmery eyeshadows because there’s not a lot around my eyes to work with and shimmer eyeshadows can make my eyes look even smaller! For nights out, a little sparkle is ok – but this one looks very shimmery! I think a lot of ladies would like this, it’s great for the festive season and big Christmas nights out with the girls!
Nail Rock Glitter Polish Set: This is my favourite item of the lot! I love it when nail polish is included in these sample boxes, and this one is a glitter set from Nail Rock. You get a full size bottle of nail polish and a tub of glitter. I haven’t used the glitter yet but I have tried something similar from Ciate and it is a fun manicure for those who love sparkles!
You can subscribe to Birchbox for £10 per month (plus £2.95 for P&P). You receive 5-6 beauty samples to try each month, and makes a great present for family and friends, or just a monthly treat for yourself! 
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16 thoughts on “Birchbox UK | December 2013

  1. I quite love the nail rock set too! ^^ love the ballet slipper pink! would love to see a review on this!

    lovely post <3

    zara xx

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