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Most of us are now off work until the beginning of January and with this being the first weekend of he festive break, that means pamper time! Especially if you’ve been running around this week like a headless chicken trying to get everything prepared for Christmas! I went out yesterday to buy the last lot of presents and I’m going Christmas food shopping on Monday (my least favourite part of the holiday season!) so I’m definitely taking this weekend to relax and chill! There are so many other products I could include in this post but here are a few new ones that I’ve been trying lately which fits in nicely with my pamper time routine this winter!
Jan Marini Holiday Exfoliator
Exfoliate: JAN MARINI Holiday Exfoliator*, RRP £40
I was really excited by this when it arrived! It is the first Jan Marini product I’ve used and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was eager to rip it open to reveal what was inside the festive outer packaging! It is limited edition for the holiday season and it is a Sugar Cookie fragrance, which smells deliciously like cookie dough with a subtle hint of cinnamon. 
The consistency is similar to cake batter, so it’s quite thick but you only need to apply a tiny bit of this product. The exfoliating beads are really tiny so it’s gentle and non-abrasive, and it says on the packaging that it’s suppose to tingle but I didn’t experience that. This exfoliator left my skin feeling polished smooth, and my complexion bright and healthy. It reduces fine lines and has significant anti-ageing benefits. The Christmassy twist to this exfoliator was very much appreciated, you don’t often see this with these posh premium beauty companies, especially those with a very typical “clinical” branding.
If your skin is too sensitive for an exfoliator, then I would recommend a scrub like this. I would usually exfoliate once or twice a week and if I need to, I would use a face scrub for the times in between so I’m not at risk of removing all of my skin off! This gel contains cucumber and avocado so it’s extremely fresh. 
The “bits” in it is actually loofah but unlike an exfoliator, the loofah in this product is sparse and scattered. These days, I tend to prefer scrubs to be quite gritty and beady; so for me, the scrub element in this product didn’t feel like it was doing anything for me. However, the formula of the gel itself was great as a cleanser, and it’s suitable for days when I don’t feel like I need all that much scrubbing! It was cooling and soothing, an invigorating gel with vitamin goodness from avocado oil. Gel based products can sometimes leave my skin feeling “squeaky” and dry but this was moisturising and soothing. It is a great alternative for those with sensitive skin.
Body Moisturiser: STEAMCREAM All-In-One Moisturiser*, RRP £12.95
This moisturiser comes in a beautiful travel-sized tin and can be used on body, face, hands, and feet. Steamcream uses only natural and vegan ingredients directly from sustainable sources, and just look at all the goodness that goes in to it! 
It is lightweight, absorbs very quickly and smells lovely. There’s nothing worse than a lotion getting greasier and thicker the more you swirl it in to your skin. There are about 50 tin designs to choose from and you can rest easy that this is kind on your body.
Lip Care: CRAZY RUMORS in Gingerbread*, RRP £3.49
It’s another limited edition product made just for you for the Christmas holidays! 🙂 As always, 100% natural lip balms are always welcome with me! I usually buy Burt’s Bees lip balms but I have been trying this gingerbread scented one from Crazy Rumors, a brand I have recently been introduced to. It’s a fun brand with a lot of other awesome flavours available, but most importantly, the balms are packed with certified organic ingredients like organic Shea butter for it’s moisturising properties, and organic jojoba oil for soothing qualities. 
I’ve only been using this for a week and I didn’t think I’d ever prefer any other lip balms than the ones from Burt’s Bees but the Crazy Rumors balms just as great if not better! They are longer lasting, more moisturising and cheaper too! They are available to buy in Holland and Barretts, I’ll be looking out for the cola scented one, and the bubblegum one! The gingerbread scent is perfect for Christmas! I am giving one of these away in the big hamper so head over there and enter, it’s a free prize draw!
Cleanser: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish in Grapefruit and Patchouli, RRP £19.75
I’ve reviewed this in the original edition and the limited rose and lavender one, and have repurchased this about six times this year! I’m very thankful that Liz Earle products are stocked in Boos now! Being a huge fan of this beauty cult classic, I couldn’t resist purchasing the new one! The formula is the same, – it’s creamy and gentle, and removes every bit of grime and make up off your face. The only thing that is different is the smell, and this one is by far my favourite compared to the original and the rose and lavender.
I’d love to hear what new beauty products you’ve been trying and if there are any that you could recommend me! I’m definitely spending the next two weeks pampering!
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18 thoughts on “5 Winter Beauty Essentials: Pamper Time!

  1. all the products sound really good, i love the sound of the Jan Marini exfoliator – anything that smells like sugar cookie seems perfect xxx

  2. From our instagram chat you will know that I'm a fan of the limited edition cleanse and polish – it's my favourite morning cleanser at the moment and so sad it's only limited. It's great that it's in Boots now. Liz Earle was always the affordable luxury for me and even better we can get advantage card points when buying it!


  3. I love Steamcream, it's such a versatile product, and the tin design you own it's lovely. I always include it in my pampering routines. Also that new Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish version sounds lovely, I want to try it!

  4. It all sounds so lovely and now I want nothing more than a pamper. I think I'm going to make a concerted effort to pamper myself a little in 2014! xx

  5. The exfoliator sounds like a wonderful treat, especially the holiday inspired scent. I love the sound of the grapefruit & patchouli cleanse & polish, it sounds super luxurious! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break lovely, you definitely deserve it! <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. Absolutely love Cleanse & Polish, I only have the original but the other editions sound really nice! Steamcream sounds great too, the packaging is so cute.

    Kathryn x

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