Primark Christmas Jumpers
Christmas Jumpers from Primark
Novelty Christmas Jumpers from Primark
I blogged about my Christmas jumpers from Primark last year and as expected, sadly the jumpers only got a couple of wears out of them. One was worn on Christmas day, the other worn the day after, then I shoved them to the back of the wardrobe and looked ahead to Spring/Summer!

It feels like a waste of money which is why I don’t think I’ll buy another “novelty” one this year. Maybe you’re all sick of seeing them by now, because if I remember correctly, Primark have been selling their Crimbo jumpers since September (so early!!) and if I haven’t been tempted now, then I don’t think I can be tempted me at all.

HOWEVER…. as you can see from the photos, I couldn’t resist a more of a classic festive jumper, one that I could possibly get away with wearing from now until end of the year! I know it’s a bit early, I actually wore this to Leeds at the weekend to go shopping with friends (to be fair, it felt right to wear this jumper because we were going to the Christmas market!) but apart from the reindeers on it, you could almost classify this as a regular winter jumper.

It looks like the patterned jumpers that are available in Topshop, and it goes nicely with a pair of casual jeans on a cold windy day!

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51 thoughts on “Primark Christmas Jumpers

  1. Primark do have some good 'uns this year! It's a thing of mine to buy a new one each year…wear it until it's no longer appropriate then my Mum steals it for the following year!

  2. I love the jumper you're wearing! It's just the perfect Christmas jumper really, it has that Christmas magic without being too in your face! x

  3. I really love the novelty Christmas jumpers Primark have in – I have a penguin one from last year, and want another one for this year! I get what you mean about not being able to wear it much though, which is why I'm after a super cheap one. I love your cute alternative, and you can definitely get away with that now and for a little while after Christmas too! xx

  4. You know, I would get a Christmas Jumpers now because of you :< They are so cute and look really, really warm!
    Be careful Primark, I'm coming to get some Jumpers 😛

    Please take care dear, have a nice day!*

  5. I love the novelty jumpers, I bought one last year and I actually wore it quite a lot. This year I've bought me one and the boyfriend one, he doesn't know yet and I have a feeling I will wear it more then him xxx

  6. You look gorgeous as ever! How is your skin always so flawless?! I always find myself hesitant to buy a Christmas jumper, they look super cute but I think I'll only end up wearing them one or two times, yours is such a nice pattern though without being such an over-the-top in your face Christmas style! x

    The Little Things

  7. Those jumpers are all so cute! I've always wanted an excuse to get one but alas, living in Australia means I'll probably overheat just from the thought wearing it…

  8. I think yours is really cute Sarah, I love the pattern 🙂 my Christmas jumper is one with a polar bear on it from the Urban Outfitters sale last year, I managed to get wear out of it in April because it snowed and snowed! I can't wait to wear it again, but I don't think I'd purchase more than one! xxx

  9. Oh my gosh! They are so cute! I went into primark the other day and I couldn't believe how much I want a christmas jumper from there (even tried to convince my boyfriend to get a matching one too haha!) Anyway I hope you're well darling, really miss speaking to you! Have a great weekend!

    Much love, <3

    Boonya –

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