how to take care of colour treated hair, shampoo for dyed hair
Taking Care of Coloured Hair
If you’ve dyed your hair before, you’ll know that it takes a lot of work to take care of your hair for the colour to maintain it’s vibrancy. I have been dying my hair using John Frieda Precision Foam Dye which has turned my hair quite a vibrant colour. Well, as vibrant as you can get it using DIY dyes on jet black hair. After several bottles of dyes, my hair is desperate need of quality haircare and conditioning treatments.
In the past two months, I have tried a couple of regular liquid dyes but I am left with very disappointed results each time. My hair is now (still!) a chocolate brown colour but I’d love it to be lighter again. When it comes to hair, I am quite good with maintaining it but recently, it has needed some extra TLC. My hair has become fairly brittle after putting it through all that unnecessary hassle and I’ve taken extra care on a more regular basis. 
Use The Right Products
how to take care of colour treated hair, shampoo for dyed hair
Use the right products for your colour treated hair.. It is always advisable to use a shampoo that is made for coloured hair once you’ve dyed it because it will retain the colour (some will even enhance the shade) and protects your hair from further damage. I only point this out because I actually never knew this when I first started dying my hair by myself and I was annoyed at how fast the colour faded! 
This one from TIGI is sulphate-free which means it won’t be harsh on your hair and it won’t strip the colour. It smells like strawberry milkshake and comes in a 250ml bottle. The bottle is quite hard to handle, especially when your hands are wet. The packaging isn’t great for a fancy hair care product that cost £13.95 / £15.95, I wish it was designed better, not only for it look nicer but for it to be easier to squeeze out – it’s hard to handle when your hands are wet and slippery. But hey, if the shampoo does it’s job, then I am willing to look past that!
I always find sulphate-free shampoo quite hard to lather but I just add a lot of water to the blob of shampoo on my hands before applying to wet hair, and then I find that it’s easier to lather that way. Without doing that, the shampoo is quite difficult to distribute over the head and it’s really hard to wash out. This shampoo cleanses well and my hair was left feeling soft, and it stayed clean and fresh for two days.
Best hair mask to use on coloured hair, treatments for dyed hair
Best hair mask to use on coloured hair, treatments for dyed hair
As well as dying my hair, I have been curling and back-combing it a lot, which means I am also using hair spray, volumizing powder or salt spray a lot more than usual. This TIGI Oatmeal and Honey Intense Nourishing Hair Mask is treatment that’s suitable for dry, brittle hair, giving it a boost of moisture and shine. 
It helps to restore your hair’s natural healthiness and prevents breakages – music to my ears! On the back of the tub, it states to leave this in clean, wet hair for 3-5 minutes but the Dirty Locks website says it’s fine to leave in for 30 minutes. I do like those hair masks where you keep in for a long time, I just sit in the lounge watching an episode of something on e4 and by the time the TV show finishes, I’m ready to go and rinse the hair mask off.
This smells of this mask is typical of a hair salon, it’s nice and makes you feel like you’re at the hairdressers (at the comfort of your own home, with no one making small talk with you). For some reason, I thought this might have bits of oats in it but thankfully, it doesn’t. The tub contains a smooth conditioning cream which you massage in to hair.  It’s also great that this is “colour safe” too so no chance of the dye fading quickly.
I use hair masks at least once a week but sometimes twice if I’ve used a lot of harsh, drying styling products on it that particular week. 

Mega whip hair texurising marshmallow, bed head mega whip, styling hair cream

So, this is not exactly a treatment for dyed hair but using a nice styling product is just as important. Since I got my hair cut few months ago, it hasn’t grown back to the point where I can leave it to dry naturally. I have had to blow dry it and the add texture to it myself by curling it every time. When I curl my hair, I don’t use hair spray because I have yet to find one that holds my thick hair. Salt spray helps in creating texture but my hair sometimes loose it’s shine, but I have found a nice alternative in this lightweight MEGA WHIP from Bed Head.

MEGA WHIP is a whipped marshmallow hair cream that looks and smells delicious! It feels better for my hair because it moulds the hair like a gel but without that greasy wet look. The texture of the cream itself is not soft like marshmallow (and sadly, it doesn’t contain real marshmallow.) but it does have a slightly tacky texture like melted marshmallows. But don’t worry, it won’t ruin your hair!

You only need to use a small amount of MEGA WHIP, even if you have long hair like I do. It can be applied on damp or dry hair but I tend to use it after I’ve blow dried my hair. It holds the texture quite well throughout the day and it doesn’t leave a greasy or crispy residue like a gel or hair spray would. It is fully flexible and gives a matte finish so it looks nice and natural once you’ve finished styling. It also works in holding straight hair too if you wanted to style it that way.

Bed Head are awesome with their branding and their products are marketed really well. Great product name, smells really lovely and fantastic packaging design! It’s a win-win! Who else would have come up with a ‘marshmallow’ for hair! I’ve definitely fallen for it! 

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15 thoughts on “How To Take Care Of Coloured Hair

  1. Sadly I can't help you or anything, since I never coloured my hair 😡
    But, I have tones of problems with my oily hair >>

    Anyway, your hair is soo pretty <3
    Please take care, have a nice day :3

  2. These products look amazing! I especially like the sound of that second mask – Is it truly truly lovely? I always think that 90% off hair masks are nice and softening, but does it reallllllyyyyyy make a difference? Desperate to try that 'cool whip' too (I'm calling it this now) haha! Marshmallow in any form is a win for me, and wax is sometimes a bit heavy for my hair!

    Sarah xx
    Friday is Forever Blog

    Sarah xx
    Friday is Forever Blog

  3. Great post Sarah, I'm always looking out for haircare reviews from other bloggers as I am so useless at it myself. I don't tend to use any products (the occasional spritz of hair spray if I'm desperate to hold on to my unwashed hair in a bun for another day). I've never used a hair mask, but have wondered about trying one out. This one sounds fab, I like that you can leave it on for half an hour if you want to, because standing around in the bathroom for 5 minutes is less appealing than finding something to do for half an hour! I tend to vary my shampoo, my hair seems to get used to the shampoo I'm using after a little while and stops getting clean/gets dirty quicker. I recently started using a medicated Vosene shampoo, because my hair started getting dirty too quickly – it's worked a treat! xxx

  4. Been thinking of dying my hair too, but because its winter I could get away with dark asian hair haha! The oatmeal and honey hair mask looks great! <3

    Boonya –

  5. That megawhip product is the most awesome packaging – I've seen that range and i think the whole line is cute! I actually have never used a hair mask but I'd definitely would love to try. Sometimes my hair can feel a little dry and in need of TLC as I tend to wash my hair every day (can't seem to shake the habit!). So I'll definitely have to have a look for a deep conditioning product next time!

  6. Oh good, I'm glad I'm not the only one that struggles with sulphate-free shampoo (I usee the L'Oreal Ever Riche)…

    The Tigi conditioning creme sounds lovely and spot on seeing as I've just dyed my hair blonde! x

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