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1. Yankee ADVENT CALENDAR / 2. North Pole / 3. Banana Nut Bread / 4. Christmas Wreath / 5. Salted Caramel / 6. Snowflake Cookie / 7. Christmas Tree / 8. Red Apple Wreath / 9. Merry Marshmallow
I don’t know about you but when it comes to buying Christmas presents, I always buy things that I’d like for myself! Maybe that’s why I am always tempted to keep everything….and sometimes I do, which often leads me to go on an stressed out, emergency present-buying trip on Christmas Eve!

I don’t quite know if this post is a “wishlist” for myself, or a Christmas gift guide to you guys, but I’ve picked out eight festive candles or scents that I’d like my house to smell like over the holiday season! Firstly, can we take a second and talk about their AMAZING advent calender.

I’ve never liked the chocolate ones, even as a child, and I’m also a bit over beauty ones (although I won’t hold back if I spot one that I realy love!) so when I saw this Yankee calendar, I thought it was the best thing ever! A new candle everyday until Christmas… er, yes please! It cost £21.99 and you get 23 tea lights in an assortment of scents, and then I assume you get a sampler votive candle behind the door of Christmas Eve. I am going to place an order this weekend!

Yankee Candles always create seasonal products and their scents are true to what they’re supposed to be. I usually go for something fruity, but because of the time of year, most of the ones I’ve picked out here are indeed very Wintery. Something like the salted caramel, merry marshmallows or banana nut bread would be amazing for any time of the year.

The banana nut bread one reminds me of my mum’s kitchen when she bakes. I recommend these candles, which come in different sizes from tea light to large jars. The large jars are quite pricy but they last ages and ages! If you’ve never tried them before, I’d recommend going for something fruity because you can’t go wrong with a fresh and fruity scent. Some of the sweeter ones like the buttercream or vanilla cupcake one can induce a headache!

Yankee Candles are priced from £1.80 to £19.99 and are available from their website, or Collectibles stores.
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26 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide: Yankee Candles

  1. Oooooh myyyy Goddd – the advent calendar is amazing! I don't expect I will buy it (already got a choccie one) but it is tempting!
    I love Yankee (obviously hehe), I've got the salted caramel one burning right this moment – mmm. I love the sound of banana nut bread! xx

  2. The advent calender looks amazing, but I'd definitely love Salted Caramel, Snowflake Cookie and Merry Marshmallow.. Is that excessive?!

    I always buy stuff for others I'd want for myself too 😉 xo

  3. Ohhh I love candles *-*
    Sadly it's a bit hard to get nice candles here…only at IKEA and those places T__T
    Please take care, have a nice day!*

  4. You have me craving wonderful smelling candles Sarah! I don't have any candles, but a few times recently I've said 'I want to buy a nice candle' and then promptly forgotten when leaving the house. I really do want to buy a nice candle!! I think I'd be better off buying a few of the little tea lights to try (and that way I'm less likely to burn anything in the process!). I'll be sure to avoid the sweeter ones on your advice, I'm prone to awful headaches and wouldn't want to worsen it – thank you for that tip 🙂 xxx

  5. I've heard about North Pole a few times and it sounds delicious! I really want it. ^_^

    I nearly bought a small jar of Salted Caramel today but I never got round to it. 🙁

    My favourite Yankee Candles to burn at this time of year are Christmas Cookie and Red Velvet. 🙂

  6. candles are such a perfect gift idea for Christmas!
    they make you feel so warm and cozy!
    unfortunately, i can't find this brand here but
    i think i should order some online, they look amazing!
    xoxo Rose


  7. Oh great post!
    I want to buy my first Yankee Candles this year but I just can't decide on which one to take. They all smell great. xD It's nice to have a list to narrow it down at least a little bit. hehe

  8. These are amazing candles. I should buy a festive candle but I'm still so happy with my vanilla lime candle. I burn it every Sunday.

    I love the advent calendar. I could buy that for myself.


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