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Blogger Party F&F Partywear Campaign with Rebecca, Caroline, Sherin and Annie

F&F have upped their game this year with an awesome TV advert, a new boutique opening at West Kensington, and even the Daily Mail are being kind to them, calling their new A/W range as “glamorous” and “stylish”. F&F are one of the brands that I enjoy working with as a blogger, and seeing the work they put through has really changed my mind about supermarket clothing lines. Their designs are no longer dowdy and mumsy.

The only thing that stops me from frequently shopping for clothes at supermarket is the sizing. The dresses and trousers tends to be too big for me, I prefer to wear clothes that are above the knee, but then I’m probably not their typical everyday customer. Without alienating their core customer base, F&F are becoming more stylish each season and I am proud to be part of this project. I guess that the point of this blogger project is to show that F&F clothes can be worn by all kinds of women, of any shape, size and age. We are regular people, not professional models and I hope that you can relate to at least one of us. The different ways that each of us has been styled should hopefully give you some ideas!

When I arrived for the fitting day, I tried on several items of clothing. Our outfits were chosen for us but I went in there with an open-mind, and was up for the challenge of being way out of my comfort zone. I was comfortable with the two outfits that were chosen for me, I got a Little Black Dress and a Little Back Playsuit! I am really particular with what I wear on nights out, and recently, I’ve been opting for black outfits because it makes me feel older and more chic but I probably wouldn’t wear a playsuit without tights and I’d wear the peter pan collar dress for the day time rather than on a night out. I’d also wear heavier make up, much heavier than what I’ve got on here. 
Having worked with F&F on this and seeing the range of their partywear, I would recommend checking them out as they carry a range of really affordable outfits for all the Christmas parties coming up! It’s almost that time of year again! 
Check out the blogger party feature and don’t forget to watch our VIDEO!
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39 thoughts on “What To Wear: To A Christmas Party

  1. I agree, the f&f advert really has given the brand a new look and vibe! So amazing that they have you on their blogging team, the playsuit looks gorgeous on you! I'm going out the weekend have no idea what to wear, will have to check out their range in tesco! πŸ˜‰

  2. Look at that gorgeous playsuit on you, you look amazing! F&F are my current favourite when it comes to supermarket lines, they've been especially good for workwear over the last few months, but also for easy to wear casual dresses. Always good.

  3. I watched the video you posted to you facebook page and you look stunning! I loved everything you picked, especially that dress with the collar. I can't believe F&F make it! I have a great coat from Tesco actually. Looks like a fab day xx

  4. I should be already following via GFC, and I really like Moda in Pelle Leather Leopard print peep toe shoes, they have that little twist of print but not too much! Great post as always πŸ™‚


  5. I saw your outtakes from this photoshoot on another blog the other day and thought you looked amazing! I'm so glad they chose you as you're without a doubt one of the most personable bloggers.

    You look so sophisticated and I love how you kept your glasses on!

    Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say?


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