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Shirt* PersunMall / Jeans Miss Selfridge / Bag* BritStitch / Sunglasses RayBan / Shoes* Freed Of London / Watch Swatch

Currently, I am tucked up in bed with the warmth of the laptop keeping me toasty! I refuse to put the heating on, it’s not cold enough yet and I can layer up! I caught a cold this weekend, probably from taking my coat off to get these photos but it wasn’t that cold, just windy! Don’t think I’ll venture outside this week, time for hibernation! I’ve checked the weather for the next 5 days and it’s raining, raining, raining! Hate this time of year, sooo miserable! I need to get rid of this cold asap because I am going to London again in a couple of weeks time and the last thing I want is to feel bogged down with this stupid cold! I’ve stocked the fridge up with plenty of orange juice and a pack of Lockets is currently my BFF. Although I think I might treat myself to a full tub of Ben&Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie… you know, only to numb my sore throat. Of course! (Any excuse for chocolate fudge ice cream!)

This outfit didn’t keep me warm but I did wear my beige trench coat which is from Miss Selfridge and IN THE SALES NOW! I don’t think it went with what I was wearing (fashion faux pas) so I took it off for the photos. My shirt collection is growing and the latest addition is this cute sheer blouse from PersunMall, it has pink flamingos on it and I thought it is a nice twist on the “animal print” thing. I think I’ve actually only seen real flamingos once, and that was in Florida.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend. Clueless is on Film4 / Film4 +1 right now so I’m typing this up really quickly so I can go and watch it! x

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26 thoughts on “What I Wore: Pink Flamingos On My Shirt

  1. That shirts is so pretty – that flamingo print is so sweet! My best mate's sister would love this (she's a massive flamingo fan!)

    Hope you feel better soon, I'm getting a cold at the moment too so I know the feeling of wanting to stay inside all wrapped up eating Ben and Jerry's!


  2. This shirt is so cute, I love it! And the weather is so miserable isn't it! 🙁 I'm so not made for winter. I too am sat snuggled trying to warm myself from laptop heat and layering pjs and a onsie! Hope you feel better soon too lovely lady!

    Lots of love, Alex from Bambella Blog xxx

  3. You look lovely as always, love your little flamingo shirt brightening up these gloomy days! There are flamingos at the zoo near to where my mum lives, Twycross Zoo. When I was at uni we had to go there with our huge A3 drawing boards and prop them up wherever possible to do life drawings of the animals, it was very cold!! It's raining here too, boo rain! The one thing I dislike about the season, roll on crisp sunny mornings crunching through leaves that aren't soggy. Wish I'd have known Clueless was on, perfect for a rainy Sunday! xxx

  4. Your flamingos are lovely, I really hope you feel much better soon. I've been really sickly the last week or so as well, but my voice (albeit it super scratchy) has finally returned today.

    Also- thank you for you comment re: my nightstand, glad I share some good taste with someone as elegant as you!

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