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Cat Sweater* Skip N’ Whistle / Denim Shorts Glamorous

It is a good job that I took these photos last week because after living a week in this sweater every evening after work, it’s sure looking less crisp and clean! Time for these three cats to get a good wash! I rearranged our lounge and it’s more cosy now, all I’ve done is curl up in front of the tv…. even though I have so much work to be getting on with!  You can see why I love this sweater so much, right?! Cats are the best! (IMO). This arrived right bang in the middle of Summer so I’ve been waiting for the colder weather to wear it and I’ve become too attached to it. It’s just so nice and snuggly to wear! If you’re a fan of cats like me, then Skip N’ Whistle might be the one for you! My beady eye has spotted some quirky Christmas sweaters so I’ll be having a proper look later on!
So, there reason why I was moping on the sofa this weekend was because I am feeling fairly nervous about this trip to London this week which is for a social media project. With all this talk about the UK Storm, I spent the whole weekend panicking! The weather is fine up north (for once!) but as we’ve all heard in the news, it has been disruptive down south. I’m someone who likes to plan a schedule to follow, but I don’t prepare a “plan B” because in my mind, having a second plan means something will go wrong with the first and once I get that in to my head, I’ll be expecting something to go wrong all day. That probably sounds so stupid so some people, but I like to deal with issues when they arise because they’re not likely to happen and I have to realise I don’t have control over everything. This is how I have learnt to avoid an unnecessary panic attack over a problem that is basically non-existent, ie. something that hasn’t happened yet and most likely will not happen. My anxiety flared up these past couple of days and I worried myself sick yesterday with all the “what if” questions. What if I can’t get to London, what if I get stranded, what if something bad happens to the train – I drove myself insane and ended up feeling nauseas and stressed. The last thing I want is to let anyone down, so I had to rest and try to stay calm (Note to self: Do not read the Daily Mail!). I’ll try to get some blog posts scheduled for the next few days but because I’ve not been on my computer over the weekend, I might struggle with getting some content together tonight! I’ll come back from London in one piece, I will have had a very happy time and I’ll have lots of lovely photos to show you soon! (positive mental attitude!) x
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31 thoughts on “What I Wore: Cat Sweater

  1. It's a lovely sweater, no wonder you've been wearing it loads.
    I'm sure there's nothing to worry about and you will get to London without any bother. x

  2. That jumper is simply adorable! I too should be doing work right now haha! I live in Southampton and the weather is completely fine here. I know that this is way out of London but couldn't get much further south so hopefully it won't be too bad for you xx

  3. I used to suffer from anxiety like that too – but the best thing really was to simply not let it stop me from doing what I want to do. As I've gotten older, it's become easier to put things into perspective (I always try and think, when I can feel that anxiety bubbling away, 'will I care about this when I'm 80?') and almost always the answer is 'no' – and that's my indicator to push myself. I hope you had a fantastic trip to London – which I already know you have – and keep up with that positive mental attitude!

    Cat xx

  4. Your jumper is so cute, can't beat a good snuggly jumper for colder evenings! I love how you look with your hair pulled back this this, so casual but pretty 🙂 I'll be thinking of you on your London commute, and I'm sure everything will be absolutely fine! I hope you have a good time lovely xxx

  5. Have the best time down in London – it sounds like a great experience, can't wait to hear more about it! Your cat jumper is awesome and looks super comfy 🙂

  6. Love the sweater! Cats are in the best IMO too 😉

    Hope you make it to London OK – I promise even if there are any delays getting here, you'll be absolutely fine!

    Look forward to hearing about your new project x

    Smaz Says

  7. awh dont worry Sarah, bet you'll have a fab time! I love your sweater and you know im a dog girl! Such a pretty lady
    Natasha xxx

  8. Totally dying over your cat sweater, I need it in my life. Now I'm convinced that your blog should be completely cat related!!

    Xo, Hannah

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