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I don’t think it will be long until my next Primark haul! I don’t do hauls very often but I love to buy a lot of Autumn/Winter clothes from there because I can’t afford to buy knitwear anywhere else! It must have been two since I’ve bought anything from Primark, nothing has caught my eye until now! A couple of weeks ago, I visited the one at Metro Centre and they had lots of lovely new stock. I was good though and came out of the shop without spending a single penny, but I don’t think I can resist much longer!
Here I have picked out the six things that I’ll be looking for on my next shopping trip. Especially the aztec print blazer, that’s an item that will instantly jazz up a boring outfit. I bought a similar style jacket a couple of months ago but in monochrome print, and I love it. I have worn it loads and quite fancy another one. I’ve also been on the search for the tartan dresses and I’ve pretty much given up, they are always of stock in my local store. If you love tartan and plaid patterns, I’d definitely recommend checking out Primark first. There’s a whole bunch of stuff! Anyway, since I can’t find the dress I want, I’ll treat myself to a tartan scarf instead, which are about Β£4 or Β£5! The trench coat is almost the same as the one I already have from Miss Selfridge, but half the price. I’ll see if it’s also available in a darker colour (sorry, I couldn’t find an image of one to display in the post… but there’s always a chance that the coat will come in other colour options). 
What other goodies should I be looking out for on my next trip to Primark? Let me know, guys! Keep an eye out for my Primark haul! x

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31 thoughts on “Primark Autumn/Winter 2013 | Top Picks

  1. I really love the green tartan dress, a nice alternative to the red πŸ™‚ I hope you manage to find one of the dresses soon! The aztec jacket is lovely too xx

  2. i love all of these picks, especially the adorable dresses! i've never spent an autumn in anything but jeans but i'm excited to try to venture into the world of tights/socks this season so i need to go hunt out some adorable fall dresses to wear too!!(:

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  3. I love those tartan dresses. They were in stock in newcasyle last week. If I didn't have a baby bump I would have definitely snapped one up. I love the printed jacket too. I have a floral version but would love that one too. X

  4. I SAW THAT COAT! Looks pretty fancy but actually quite cheap material – I didn't try it on cause I know it'd look pants on me! Such a nice little skirt shape though! Love those dresses, haven't seen any of those! You'd look AMAZING in them! xx

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