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Lemongrass House Skincare Range*

Recently, Lemongrass House opened a store in Leeds Trinity shopping centre and all the products in the Lemongrass House range has been formulated and prepared in Phuket, Thailand and does not contain parabens, they are sulphate free and never tested on animals. 

White Orchid Face Scrub – £12.50: The first product I tried was the face scrub. This face scrub is creamy with tiny little beads in it which are not harsh or abrasive. It is a gentle formula, and comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser. I use one and a half pump of this which is enough to cover the whole surface generously and evenly. It lightly rubs the dead layer of skin off your face leaving is radiant and healthy. The scrub contains moisturising and soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, mandarin essence and shea butter. I always look forward to using this now (once or twice a week, depending how much you feel your skin needs it), because it leaves your face feeling lovely and smooth!

Thai Pomelo Face Mask – £16.75: I actually love pomelos so I love that this is made from pure pomelo essential oils! It has got a nice citrus scent to it. Every time I use a scrub or an exfoliator, I’ll apply a face mask afterwards to treat the skin. This always prevents me from a break-out, which can often happen after exfoliating. Lemongrass House Thai Pomelo Face Mask is a white clay mask and it feels quite refreshing. It doesn’t set too hard or rigid but I didn’t use a lot of it, I only applied a thin layer. It didn’t tighten or tingle, but it’s always a good idea to do a test patch if you’ve got sensitive skin or have had issues with masks before. Unlike a lot of clay formulas, this one was easy to wash off. This product comes in a tub in which you just scoop with your fingers. It cleansed and toned my skin and prevented me from a break-out.

White Orchid Face Cream – £15.45: This cream has been an absolute life saver. I wasn’t sure that it’d be as good as my favourite moisturiser (Clinique Moisture Surge) but my skin has been playing up big time these past two weeks after an allergic reaction from a face oil. My skin became so dry and scaly and the only thing I could do was moisturise. I had to keep away from anything too harsh or heavy so having this tub of White Orchid Face Cream has been handy, it is so light, fast-absorbing and hydrating! It soothed the dry and sensitive skin over the area in which I had problems. The gentle formula contains cucumber and aloe vera in it and it is advised to keep these tubs of moisturisers in the fridge. It feels so refresh when you apply it and I love using it in the morning, it wakes me up! All three items I tried from Lemongrass House are not heavily fragranced, and comes in other scents such as Lavender (good to use before bed), Cucumber, Blue Chamomile, Jasmine, Green Tea and of course, Lemongrass!

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9 thoughts on “Fresh Handmade Spa Products: Lemongrass House

  1. Gutted I don't live in Leeds anymore, the shop looks amazing. Might have to make a cheeky online purchase…hope your skin recovers soon!

    Sarah x

  2. Oh wow that face cream sounds really lovely, well the whole set of products you've reviewed do! I love the pretty, simple but cute packaging too xx

  3. The scents sound amazing. I find a product with a good refreshing scent can really perk me up in the morning. Natural products are so much more appealing than overly processed creams. The best cleansers seem to be those with natural ingredients at their core.

    Your recent reviews have made me want to try clay masks quite urgently but I haven't been able to find the ones you've mentioned in stores. I think I'd like to pick up some Lemongrass based products from this brand.

    Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say


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