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I was six years old when I won a couple of races at my very first sports day. I came first in the 100m flat race, that was one of my earliest memories of Primary School. My prize was a bunch of children’s book, I went on stage to pick it up on Awards Day, my favourite out of the lot was Rupunzel! A few years down the line, my dad bought me a pair of Asics trainers. He was a keen runner so we went running together once a week. Me and my sister entered some fun runs and I joined the School’s after school netball team, swimming club and played badminton every Sunday. I also had ballet lessons and tap dancing during the week, and ballroom on Saturdays! I must’ve enjoyed it all, I don’t remember, but looking back I am impressed by the stamina and competitiveness I had as a child! I was so active and ALWAYS had something going every day after school to keep me busy. 
Fast forward to my teen years, and it was a downward spiral to lazy-ville! I skived PE because I didn’t want to be out in the cold “pretending” to play hockey for an hour, I stopped running and by the time I was 15, I quit all the things I did the years before. My PE teachers didn’t like me and knew I forged the letters to excuse myself from lessons, but they were always pleasantly surprise when I lasted quite far during the beep test! That will be the stamina and competitiveness coming through. Anyway, most of my evenings was spent in front of the computer – AOL, and MSN were my life – which stunted my growth. From secondary school to now, I’ve done very little exercise. Now I am almost 30, I feel guilty for not being active enough. Every time I exercised, I questioned as to why I was doing it. I’m one of those people that need a reason to do things, it always has to be worth my while. At least when someone works out to loose weight or tone up, there’s motivation or satisfaction in seeing the results. It didn’t cross my mind to think about the other health benefits and if I don’t see the results, how do I know I’m doing it right? My attitude towards sports was so bad, and I have been trying to change.
I found myself always having to bother my friends by asking to borrow a sports top or a pair of shorts, and the only “sporty” style shoes I had were a pair of bright pink Converse, which doesn’t have the right support. There was a hideous picture of me wearing my “borrowed” sports attire on Bebo. I’d show you guys but Bebo are relaunching and no one can log in to their profiles yet. You don’t need to buy the top of the range stuff, but I didn’t even own a pair of shorts! I was never properly equipped and I gave up before I even started. This also became an excuse too! “Oh, no, I can’t run/play badminton tonight because I don’t have the right trainers…” which was true, I didn’t, but now I do and the excuses have stopped! My new Nike trainers fit like a glove. There’s a huge buzz over Nike Free trainers and I love the colour combination of this pair but I went for the Nike Free Bionic Cross Training Shoes which provide a barefoot-style feel. We bought a fairly cheap exercise bike over the Summer and I’ve been putting effort in to incorporating that in to my daily routine. I wear my new trainers for this because I kept knocking my feet on the metal bits that stick out around the peddles. I still don’t own proper sportswear but I have a pair of shorts from Primark nightwear set and an old t-shirt, which will do perfectly fine for cycling in the comfort of my own home! (Hence why I’ve not photographed my sporty OOTD!). We’ve even dug out Davina’s work out DVD, and I’m taking up running again but lets just say I’ll be taking it very slow to begin with! There’s also classes that I can take such as street dance and salsa which my Mum goes to at her gym. When I got really bad anxiety and had CBT sessions, one of the first thing they told me was that exercise will help tremendously. That’s all the motivation I need. Right there! 
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8 thoughts on “Changing My Attitude Towards Exercising

  1. I never knew you had anxiety, I went on a cbt course and it helped me so much! Aw I was a sporty child went swimming everydayl. Now, I do no exercise but I would love to get fitter lol those trainers are amazing, big Nike fan x

  2. I love that you've finally found the motivation to start exercising again – it sounds like you used to be a really sporty bean! I was going a bit fitness-fantastic at the start of the summer, but then I went to Italy on holiday and I just had to enjoy the pizza and pasta, of course! So, now I'm only just getting back into running and killing myself on the treadmill. I think that the only way I will be properly motivated is if I do a run early next year (or sooner..) that I can train and work for! Otherwise, I totally understand you, I'm quite happy to sit down, relax and eat lots of mince pies!

    Christmas couldn't come any!?
    ~Hannah xx

  3. The shoes are so pretty, you just have to wear them out as often as possible 😉 Hope they kinda motivates you too.
    It's pretty cool that you did all the races when you were younger. I've never done any sports, which I'm not proud of at all but as you said I never really had a "reason" to do so =/ If you're successul, maybe you can give some motivation tips xD
    btw. whooot you're almost 30?? O_O no way, you look so young!

  4. beautiful pick on the trainers, I have a pair of Frees and I love them for cycling.

    I know exactly what you mean in terms of needing a reason for doing things- I cycle to work and love it, but only because it's part of my life and the exercise element has a purpose- it's my mode of transport.

    I hope you're enjoying the fitness journey and that you find something to suit.

  5. The best exercise is when it doesnt feel like exercise. I took up roller derby and its the most fun I've had in my whole life! But also, apparently, exercise. 😀

  6. I recently received a pair of Nikes that I am in love with! My Nikes and cute workout clothes motivated me to reach my goal of running a mile everyday last week! I am trying to keep it up because I know it will be worth it 🙂


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