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Just wanted to show you guys this CUTE PUPPY!!!! Isn’t she adorable!!! She isn’t mine so there won’t be regular photos or updates, but I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps last time I visited her! Her name is Bonnie, she is two months old miniature poodle.

She’s such a babe, such a little poser! It was love at first sight.

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38 thoughts on “Bonnie, The Miniature Poodle

  1. Oh my days, she is the cutest thing! One of my dogs once had a puppy that looked similar but we had to give her away. Puppies are most adorable. Especially they way they look at people and things with such wonder in their eyes.

    Thank you for suggesting a blush similar to the one I asked about. I will take a closer look the next time I visit a MAC counter. I hope you've had a great week, Sarah!


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