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Balance Me Beauty Box from YouBeauty* – £19.95

This year, one of my favourite beauty brands have been Balance Me. I’ve tried a fair few items from their range and have discovered so many great products from this brand. I always re-purchase the Radiance Face Mask, it is my favourite product from Balance Me – it just leaves your face feeling so smooth. 
When this beauty box got delivered, I had the urge to try everything all at once! This limited edition box is available from You Beauty and you don’t have to be a member to get one. Is it filled with seven items worth over £100! To avoid disappointment, you can see exactly what you’ll get inside the box and the products are a decent size, some are full sized, some are miniatures. I’ve already tried four of them items before and in general, was pleased with the contents. I was sad that Radiance Face Mask wasn’t in the mix, but I looked forward to using the cleanse and smooth face balm.
The only item I didn’t get on with was the Radiance Face Oil. It is weird because the first time I used it (earlier in the year), I was absolutely fine with it. This time though, I had an allergic reaction. Luckily, it isn’t red or splotchy, but my skin has never felt so scaly in my life and I don’t know what is going on. It has been four days now and it just keeps getting more dry and rough, I have no idea how to fix it other than to leave it as it is until it gets better. The face oil isn’t harmful or harsh, it’s made from 100% natural ingredients, but it is perhaps too much for my skin. I’m trying not to worry too much but I’m going to investigate and see which ingredient it is that I am having a bad reaction to. I mentioned in my review for the face oil that skin tightens and tingles when too much as been applied, maybe I used too much this time. If anyone else has experienced scaly/dry skin reaction, please let me know if you have any tips for making it go away! 🙁
That aside, everything else in this box has been a joy to use. I am going away at the end of the month so these travel sized items can come with me! Out of all the products in the box, the Rose Otto Body Wash is my favourite, it smells really nice. I hope this will be available near Christmas, or maybe they will launch another winter edition. For £19.99, this makes a fantastic present! It’s a great price and it’s so well presented too! 
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13 thoughts on “Balance Me Beauty Box | Beauty Review

  1. I was really excited to hear youbeauty had a beauty box out and I think im going to order one of their monthly ones! This box is such good value and make a lovely gift! One of my fav things about Sunday is you mag 🙂 so it's cool you have featured this on your blog xxx

  2. Oh shame about that reaction, I wouldn't know what to do! Try lots of calming products, I always use Pevonias propolis when I get ANY kind of reaction and its amazing, but maybe some thermal spring water spray might help? This box does look awesome though, I want to try that shower gel! xx x

  3. i had a bad, scaly skin reaction earlier this year. took about a fortnight to clear up, and then another few weeks before my skin was back to normal. i visited my doctor and they recommended using cleansers and moisturisers with as few ingredients as possible (e45 and vaseline), use TONNES of moisturiser, and avoid anything that could cause another reaction until your skin has healed. drinking lots and lots of water and taking vitamins could also help speed things up (water for sure, vitamins not so sure).

    i always thought oily skin was a nightmare to manage, but when my skin went scaly/dry it was so much worse! i felt so self conscious when my skin reacted, hope your skin heals up soon and hope some of my tips help!

    1. Janine, THANK YOU so much for the tips. I tried to use an exfoliator to scrub off the dry skin but it made things worse. It actually went red and bumpy, so I put Savlon on it which calmed it down. The scaly area is so rough today that it actually feels like stubble! (invisible stubble) Thanks ever so much for your help, I will try all of those things and hope it disappears in a fortnight! x

  4. I just received this a couple of days ago and I can't wait to use everything. I've used a handful of things before. I've become a little obsessed with trying to use natural products since becoming pregnant. I was going to use the oil today but might try a patch test on my face first, x

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