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Dress* MeeMee / Bag* Brit-Stitch / Shoes Freed Of London / Belt* American Vintage / RayBan Pretavoir

If ever there was a chance to customise a bag to match my blog’s colour scheme, I’m going to be on it like a car bonnet! You guys will have spotted this bag in several of my recent outfit posts and I’ve had lots of instagram/facebook likes and comments on the bag so I’m happy to tell you all that the Brit-Stitch website has now relaunched!

As well as the latest collection of beautifully crafted leather bags which are all made in Britain, you can now MAKE YOUR OWN! I really wanted to go for the red because I think it would go well with Autumn clothes, especially if it’s a tweed material like the dress I am wearing. I prefer a plain red bag rather than adding a colour to it just for sake of it so I became rather indecisive about which colours to go for. When in doubt, go with your blog colour scheme! This actually happened by accident though. I asked you guys on Facebook and Instagram to help me choose a combination and the majority said mint and pink, so that’s what I went with in the end! I tried to incorporate the lilac in somewhere but it was a tad too much. Having seen the bag in real life, I wish I added the lilac to the handle or something because you can’t really see the handle all that well anyway. Coulda, woulda, shoulda!

Initially, I chose a pink base and a mint green buckle to correspond with my blog design, but I don’t really like to wear anything pink so I swapped it around. Mint green is one of my favourite colours so it made sense! The Make You Own bags allow you choose up to three colours and you can have a look here to see which sections of the bag you can customise. It’s really fun to see it come together because the technical/spec drawing of the bag makes it look like you’re designing it yourself. (I love a good spec drawing!) Choose between the sizes Half Pint or the Milkman and away you go! Mine is a little boring compared the the possibilities of outcomes but you can colour customise every part of the bag to make it as unique to you as possible. The bag itself is really beautiful, as you can see. It is well made, sturdy, and you know it will last for years and year. The pastel tones suit the summer season better but who’s going to stick to fashion “rules” when a bag is as pretty as this!

What do you think of Brit-Stitch’s new website and which colour combinations would you choose for your leather bag?

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36 thoughts on “Make Your Own

  1. mint and pink is such a lovely combination! and this outfit is lovely! loving your new blog layout too!! sooooo pretttty.! I've never heard of Meemee that dress is great for this season! x

  2. Ahhhh I've loved this bag having seen it on your blog before so I'm excited they've relaunched the website. The colour scheme you went with in the end is adorable. Mint green is one of my favourite colours too. I have a mint satchel already so I'd probably go with red, I need a red satchel in my life! Love the outfit btw,!lovely as usual!

  3. The idea of creating your own bag is just amazing! Your bag is gorgeous, and that dress is just lovely! You look so wonderful! xx

  4. Such a clever idea! Those bags are so beautifully made, the option of customising makes them even better. Your colour combo is really pretty, I think I'd go for some pink/mint/cream combo but I it's tricky… 😉

    Tara xo

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