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1. Khaki Jacket / 2. Checked Coat / 3. Beige Pea Coat / 4. Faux Fur Collar Coat / 5. Pink Coat / 6. Aztec Pattern Coat

I’m not a huge fan of Autumn, it is never like the lovely photos you see on tumblr and Pinterest where the trees are beautifully tinged with orange and red leaves. Once Summer is over, it just goes grey and anything with leaves and petal just dies. Maybe that’s just up north, though! It is particularly dull up here. On the plus side, it is an excuse to buy a lovely new coat, an absolute must-have for the British weather! I’ve been browsing and have narrowed it down to six. 
I always need a new one because each Autumn and Winter, I get so attached to my coat that I literally run wear it into to the ground until the fabric’s torn or ripped, with buttons are hanging by a thread. The one I got a couple of years ago has stayed strong but I’ve caught the tweed fabric on so many things (ironically it’s usually a coat hanger!) that it is looking rather tatty now. I tend stick to the high street so it’s probably not the best manufacturing quality to begin with anyway. I should probably save the money I spend on all of these coats and invest in a good quality Barbour jacket, it would be keep me so nice and warm, and it would last forever and ever! But I don’t have a chunk of money to spend on one singular item at the moment. 
My sister has recently bought the Khaki jacket which is from Topshop and it looks great, very Barbour-esque! I am slightly tempted to get the black version so I’m not accused of copying her but I much prefer it in khaki! I really love the exposed zips, details like that toughens it up a bit. Powder pink is a big colour this A/W so I like the idea of having this lovely pink coat in my wardrobe but it isn’t a very timeless colour. Sometimes when I buy things just because it’s “trendy”, it makes me feel really weird wearing it a year or two later. I guess that is what happens with all fads, it just loses that cool factor once the fad is over which is a waste of money.
I get far too attached to my coat and scarves during A/W, I don’t even bother taking it off even when I’m indoors (I hate carrying a big coat around!). Have you guys been browsing for a new Autumn coat recently? Do you go for something “trendy” or do you spend a bit more money on something better quality and more classic so it would last a good few years, if not forever?
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30 thoughts on “Currently Coveting: A Fashionable Autumn Coat

  1. Finding the perfect coat is always a tough one! Lol, I love number two, but thinking of buying one I seen in next this yr. I have the topshop Parker with tartan good from January it's great coat you can wear with anything x

  2. I love jackets but it's only cold enough to wear one where I live about 2 months of the year. I usually like a good classic wool coat in a bright color. Though I'm loving the green utility coat here and the plaid one. I wish I could wear all the coats!

  3. Number 2 and 5 are beautiful! We've featured them recently over on Aesthetic Online in fact! (: The autumn is my favourite month, despite the non-red/orange/yellow foliage, I love the anticipation that it could happen, and it always feels so chilled out and nostalgic to me. xx

  4. 4 is amazing!! I said i wasn't going to invest in another coat this year, but I really want a mustard one, so we shall see. It's supposed to be amazingly cold this winter so I may have to add another to the 14 I already own haha xx

  5. Wah, I like them all! I *think* #2 is my fave but it's tough. I'm not sure if I should buy a new coat this year or just wear one of the ones I already own…Oh decisions, decisions haha!

    Tara xo

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