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We all want to know how to get rid of spots, right? Spots always crop up at the most inappropriate times… whether it’s the day before a job interview, a photo shoot, a work meeting or even a date… you can guarantee that if it’s important or a big deal, a big spot will come of my face to greet you on the day too! Well, I’ve been trying out a few quick remedies that will get rid of spots fast!

In the past, I’ve tried dabbing toothpaste over the blemish and leaving it over night, that’s a fairly popular tip but it doesn’t work for me. My mum had an Aloe Vera plant and it is good for lots of things including spots. It works well to soothe the area but I have a terrible phobia of pot plants so can’t keep it in the flat. I’ve also used various products such as WitchHazel but they’ve had very little effect. Here I have two effective blemish removers which works to get rid of spots quick and fast!

products to get rid of spots, burts bees herbal blemish stick
 photo burts_bees_blemish_stick_2_zpsa2a71bc2.jpg
Something that I swear by for it’s zapping power is Burt’s Bees 100% natural Herbal Blemish Stick. It is £10.99, but it’s absolutely worth it for all the miracles it performs! Whenever I feel a spot appearing, I will apply some of this on and it will prevent the blemish from getting any bigger. It works in to the skin and start banishing blemishes. I’ve been using this product for a long time now, and have always repurchased when it’s empty. It contains ten natural ingredients like tea tree oil and willowbark which are known for antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, reducing redness and effectively clear the blemish. 
The scent of the blemish stick is really strong and I think it might bug some people, especially if you have a strong sense of smell, but it disappears after ten minutes or so. The smell is worth putting up with because it is such a good product, it is 100% natural and it’s so good for getting rid of spots. The only thing I dislike about this is the roller applicator. After a while, you’ll start see tiny little bits floating inside the bottle, which I assume is skin or something?! Really gross, I know! It’s best to use this in the evening and let it work through the night. 
I probably wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin – but fret not! The next product I want to show you is definitely suitable for sensitive skin.
How to get rid of spots, affordable treatment for spots

 photo How_to_get_rid_of_spots_2_zps147a49c0.jpg

AMIE is a great brand to try for teens or if you have skin that’s easily irritated by rich skincare products. This ALL CLEAR Instant Action Spot Clearing Gel* is £4.95. Just like Burt’s Bees, this gel contains willowbark. The formula also contains eucalyptus and peppermint oil which are natural cleansers that prevents spots from forming. This feels gentler than the Burt’s Bees Blemish Stick, the smell is certainly better – but it isn’t as fast acting. Both products are great, it just depends on whether you have sensitive skin or not. If you do, I would definitely opt for Amie ALL CLEAR gel. I like to use the Burt’s Bees at night time for really bad blemishes and then the AMIE one for soothing smaller pimples.
I’ve been using this gel on my forehead, where it is prone to tiny pimples. I only use a little bit and have already seen a change. I like having this in my handbag because it is gentle enough to use whenever you like and the smell isn’t strong enough to offend anyone!

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  1. 6th September 2013 / 4:45 pm

    Love the sound of both these products. I've never really trusted spot clearing products and usually just leave blemishes to run their own course. This post is definitely tempting me to give them a helping hand though.

    Jazzie x

  2. 6th September 2013 / 5:00 pm

    Sounds great! I use the Liz Earl version of the Burt's Bees one, which I do totally love, but I might try the Burt's Bees one next time just for a change xx

    Essie | The Li'l Sparrow

  3. 6th September 2013 / 5:54 pm

    Oh gosh, now I want both haha! I did use the Nip+Fab one for a while but it has stopped working and Witch does help but it's not very fast. I haaaaate spots. 🙁

    Tara xo

  4. Anonymous
    6th September 2013 / 6:28 pm

    I like the sound of both and will definitely have a look at them when I pop by the stores! 🙂

    Aloe Vera works wonders for me but I'm always up for trying something new 🙂

    Layla xx

  5. 6th September 2013 / 7:12 pm

    These both sound great, I like the idea of using natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals on spots – I think a lot of the products that I used to blast my skin with as a teenager actually did more harm than good. x

  6. 6th September 2013 / 8:10 pm

    My poor wee chin's been breaking out like crazy recently, so this is perfect timing – I'll need to give these a try! xx

  7. 6th September 2013 / 8:44 pm

    I usually use my tea Tree oil and my effaclar duo, but I would to try one of these!
    Please take care, have a nice day!*

  8. 7th September 2013 / 4:14 am

    Hahaha phobia of pot plants, i think i suffer from the same thing. Spot treatments are something i always have to rotate in my skincare routine, it stops being effective after a while.

    à la foliee

  9. 7th September 2013 / 9:35 pm

    This is amazing! Thank you 🙂

  10. 9th September 2013 / 11:52 am

    Thanks for recommending these, anything that can help with my terrible skin I will be ordering!

    Maria xxx

  11. 19th February 2014 / 3:50 am

    I have problem skin, It's an absolute nightmare. I have tried every product for skin clearing known to man. Some have been awful, some were great as a product but not really as a solution and some have been brilliant and worked on pimples stunningly. My go to products are Effaclar Duo + and Lush – Grease Lightning. However I have not seen the one by Burt's Bees; which shocked me (thinking I had tried them all) I have already ordered this online and await it's arrival to try it. Thank you for the post. As they say, you learn something new everyday. I did <3

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