4 Of The Best Lancome Skincare Products

There was a time when I was really loyal to Lancome and throughout my teenage years, I only ever used Lancome skincare. This was because my mum was a massive fan and Lancome was also the only brand she would use when it came to her skincare routine so she introduced me to a few things and I was hooked ever since. 
Mum would usually take advantage of the gift with purchase offers too, which meant my sister and I would have lots of Lancome beauty stuff to sample!
One time, she won a customer prize draw and came home with £500 worth of Lancome goodies, so at that point, I became more experimental with more of their beauty products in my youthful teenage years!

Lancôme Hydra Zen Neurocalm

I was recently given the chance to reunite with a brand I loved so much as a teen. I was kindly gifted a set of Lancome beauty heroes; their best sellers. 
In the set was a HydraZen Neurocalm day cream, HydraZen Neurocalm Nuit (night cream), Genefique Youth Activator and Visionnaire Skin Corrector. I have bought several pots of HydraZen before and it is a lovely cream with a rich yet light oil-in-water formula. Both of the day cream and night cream are great but I’d say that it is best suited for those with dry skin, it sinks into your skin to give you a burst of hydration.
 photo Lancome_skincare_product_review_zps2ab1e9c7.jpg

Visionnaire Skin Corrector and Genefique Youth Activator are used before moisturiser. They are both really popular amongst Lancome fans and are known to be tecnhology-advanced and a powerful “quick fix”  serums which some has described as miracle potions! If you want younger, fresher looking skin, both of these are worth a try and the results are visible after one application. It’s pricy but the full size bottles will last you a year! (Side note: The two bottles pictured in the image above are luxe sample sizes).

Visionnaire Skin Corrector (£82) has a unique formula to help prevent (or slow down the process) wrinkles, shrink pores and evens out skintone. It promises to put healthy-looking radiance and a youthful glow back into your skin. The serum is smooth and absorbs quickly.

Genefique Youth Activator (£82) is an anti-aging serum concentration which firms up your skin, reduces fine lines and lift your skin to tighten any areas of saggy-ness.

The ingredients in all Lancome products are very rich and a little goes a long way. I loved it once upon a time and I still do, but nowadays, I prefer to use something a bit more natural. My mum, however, still swears by this stuff and has done for the past 15 years! And at 52 years old, her skin looks AMAZING!

Keep your eyes peeled for Lancome counters and if there’s anything you want to try out, don’t be scared to ask for a sample!

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13 thoughts on “4 Of The Best Lancome Skincare Products

  1. my mum uses high ends skin care brands all the time, including Lancome. But I always find that lancome is too harsh on my skin 🙁 It has that strong formula, and my skin is so sensitive whenever I use lancome product! But these looks amazing, would be great for as a gift for my mother I think haha

    Hope you're well darling, <3

    Boonya – theartywardrobe.blogspot.com

  2. A lovely and very honest review! I love the fact that your mum got you and your sister into Lancome 🙂 it's nice when things go through the family like that, until we find our own routines and brands. I've gone back to an old faithful moisturiser (Clinique Dramatically Different) after years of not using it, because I felt my moisturiser was too heavy and rich for my skin. I forgot how great it was, it's nice to rediscover brands you used to love. I've totally converted back to Clinique after I started using the Super Balanced foundation again last year after a few years of not using it. I too decided I couldn't really afford a higher end product, but now I've started using it again I've realised that it's worth paying the extra sometimes, and with products like Clinique they last a long time xx

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