ciate corrupted neon pink, Ciaté Corrupted Neon Manicure Set

The BRIGHTEST Pink Nail Polish. Ever.

The latest offering from Ciaté glows under UV light so if you’re going to Ibiza (or somewhere equally as famous for it’s party night life) then this one is for you! Not only does it glows, but you can make it sparkle too!
There are four different colours available in the Corrupted Neon range and it comes with a full size bottle of the Paint Pot, neon glitter and a magic top coat which is what makes your nails glow when it’s PARTY TIME! 

ciate corrupted neon, Ciaté Corrupted Neon Manicure Set
Ciaté Corrupted Neon, £18.00 From Selfridges&Co

If you love BRIGHT pink, then this set needs to be in your nail polish collection PRONTO. It’s a gorgeous shade and it’s so vibrant.

My favourite part of this is obviously the glitter, but without a top coat, it’s very scratchy and catches on everything (especially tights!) but if you add a top coat to it, it takes the sparkle off the glitter and it looks like a texture polish. 

I have two coats of the lacquer on and it last a good five to six days without chipping, and even longer if glitter is applied over it (probably forever! We all know glitter has good staying power!). The set comes in blue, orange and yellow and retails at £18.00 from Selfridges&Co and ASOS.
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30 thoughts on “The BRIGHTEST Pink Nail Polish | Ciaté Corrupted Neon

  1. Ooooh how bright it is! It's so cute in daytime too…
    I've seen the yellow set (which looks fun) but it seems that the pink beats the yellow one!

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