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Birchbox UK* – August 2013 Edition
The InStyle Edit

After blogging about my first Birchbox experience, I got mixed feedback about what you guys thought of them. I kept an open mind about them whilst still nodding in agreement with the comments, I could definitely see why some subscribers were miffed about seeing repeat products that were in previous boxes. This has happened to me before too and it is particularly frustrating you keep receiving a product you don’t like, I always seem to get Nuxe Dry Oil from Glossybox and have three miniature bottles which I don’t use.

It has become apparent from my stats that people do search for Birchbox and Glossybox reviews every month to see what is inside. For a number of reasons, I google for spoilers too. Firstly, I google before I receive my box to see what I might get. Then I do another search to compare boxes and to find out what other people got. If each box was as good as the next, we’d be happy to wait until it the postman hands you the parcel to see inside but I don’t think we want it to be a surprise anymore because they can be so hit and miss.

This month, Birchbox UK has collaborated with InStyle magazine’s beauty team and the theme is “Summer Nights”. I like the purple colour theme, it is my favourite colour – and it matches the nail polish I’ve got on at the moment. Again, like last month, it contains samples from niche, high end brands. There are seven items in August edition and these were: Bluemandarines face cream, Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, Gerda Spillmann primer, LAQA & Co lip pencil, Molton Brown body wash, Inner Me vitamin supplements and a gel-filled eye mask. I’m intrigued by the vitamins, it’s a rather unusual sample to receive and I’m wary of ingesting something I’m not familiar with but I’m sure it’s not bad at all, I just want to read up on it first!

I’m happy I got the Molton Brown body wash, I have it in my bathroom now so I can temporarily pretend I’m in a posh hotel! Another one I’m pleased with is Philip Elasticizer, which I have used before. It is a pre-shampoo conditioner treatment which you leave in for twenty minutes. It was only a few days ago when I wished I had a bit of this to use on my hair after a back-combing disaster! I over did it and I forgot to brush it out before washing my hair. Elasticizer is pretty much a hair saviour, it strengthens, nourishes and leaves hair feeling smooth and soft.

At first, I was excited to see the lip pencil (it is more of a crayon). The packaging is cute and the colour seemed like a pretty rose pink – which it is when I swatched it on my hand. I applied it on my lips and was completely disappointed that the shade is completely wrong for me, which is a shame. It is too pale for my skin tone and makes my lips look white.

If you’ve blogged about Birchbox too, I’d love to read your reviews and see what you got. Feel free to tweet me your link or leave the link in the comment box!

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21 thoughts on “Birchbox UK August 2013 | The InStyle Edit

  1. This looks really good. I go away in less then a week and not feeling optimistic about it turning up before I go. A shame the lip crayon is the wrong shade for your tone. It does look a little on the pale side.

    Kate – Sparkle Dust x

  2. You always take the prettiest pictures! I'm so intrigued by beauty boxes but I just know I'd get stuff I'd never use, good way of discovering new products you wouldn't usually use though.

  3. This looks like an improvement, by far. I hope they continue along this line.
    I suppose you're right, we can't all be taken with what we receive. Sometimes I wonder if beauty boxes are worth it but they are a good way to discover new products.

    I really want to try the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. I've heard great things about it.

    That's such a pity about the lip crayon. It looks like such a beautiful shade.

    Sej ||


  4. I received this box, but with the Bright Red Lip Crayon – which is a bit too strong for me ! I was hoping for Wolfman or Fairyblood for my very very pale skin !

  5. Hey! Which would you personally recommend the Birchbox or Glossybox? I've wanting to sign up to the Glossybox for a while now but I think the Birchbox is a bit more appealing? Thanks! x

    1. Hi Lana!

      If you prefer really high-end, niche brands, I would go with Birchbox. They are also more consistent and sometimes contains a bonus item.

      Glossybox have ruffled some feathers by putting in "affordable" products such as Jelly Pong Pong and Anatomicals. I personally don't mind this because the samples are from brands that are accessible (eg. things that can be re-purchased from Boots).

      Hope this helps! Would love to know which one you went for! x

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