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mavala nail polish swatch, mavala review

Four new nail polishes arrived through the post this week and as usual, I couldn’t wait to try them! Once I opened the parcel, I was tempted to paint each nail in a different colour but eventually decided to go for the bright orange for now. It’s pigmented and opaque, with only two coats applied. After a few days, it still hasn’t chipped yet so I’m impressed with the staying power!
The shades pictured above are from the Chilli and Spice collection and you can purchase Mavala polishes from Boots, Fenwicks, Debenhams and John Lewis, each bottle retails at £4.50. Not a bad price for a good quality polish – it is long lasting, very opaque, dries quick and it’s free from parabens, animal ingredients and heavy metal! – But the size of the bottles are a bit on the small side (but I adore anything in miniature size!) Despite showing up a little “textured” on the colour wheel, be assured that the formula itself is smooth and high-shine when applied on your actual nails.

The orange shade I’ve got on is called Jaipur, the pink is called Bali, the purple is Samarkand and the beautiful turquoise is named Bomaka. There are two other ones in the collection (red and blue) and each one is wonderfully vibrant. The shades in this collection are all very “fiery colours” and goes well with the Chilli and Spice theme. I had no problems with applying this, the brush was easy to handle and I managed to get the lacquer on my nails quite neatly! I think I’ll try the purple one next, I don’t own anything quite like that shade!

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28 thoughts on “Mavala Nail Polish | Review

  1. They look beautiful! I've been neglecting brights in favour of pastels and nudes recently, but I love all of these shades! The pink and turquoise are probably my favourites.

    Bella | BELLAETC

  2. I love the Mavala nail polishes! I got my first in the Latest in Beauty advent calendar last year and now I've bought three more! I love the green colour and the price for them is spot on!

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I'd never thought of using the eos balms as a base for lippy, giving it a go! Xx

  3. Very pretty! I don't think I've ever tried an orangey nail color. I don't know why? I really like the turquoisey one a lot. According to spell check, orangey and turquoisey aren't words! lol

    Life of Mabel

  4. I love these colours. I got a bottle free on the front of a magazine a while ago and I have to say I've been really impressed with it. I find it goes on really easily. I purchased a mink colour and that's equally as good. I like that they are in little bottles as I tend to go off colours after a while.

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