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I realised I needed glasses when I was 12. I was in Year 7, and I realised I couldn’t see anything the teachers were writing on the blackboard! I was really self-conscious and insecure about wearing glasses so I hardly wore them and stupidly spent most of my years at Secondary copying off my friends. It didn’t do me any favours whatsoever! My eyesight got worse and I was constantly squinting at people! So much so that many of them wrongly mistook the squinting as “dirty looks”, when really, all I was doing was just trying to work out who it was that was waving or walking towards me! I don’t think I even realised I was doing it! It wasn’t until I was 15 years old that I started to wear my specs all the time. I was 15 and studying for my GCSE’s. (Oooh, things were getting serious now!) I HAD to wear my glasses and start paying attention in class…
I can’t see a thing without glasses now, it’s horrible! However, being more comfortable with myself as an adult now, I am totally fine with wearing glasses and I have seven pairs now. I’ve had the odd indirect comment like “those glasses need to go” (?!?), making me wonder if they think I’m wearing glasses for fun. Contacts lenses are the other option but I’ve never found them comfortable, I’ll only wear them if I absolutely have to, like on nights out or formal occasions.
When it comes to frames, I’ve had all kinds throughout the years! I’ve bought a few pairs of glasses online before, but not without trying them on at the high street opticians first. They tend to be a lot cheaper online too but I strongly recommend you trying the frames on in a shop before you place an order on a website, just to check if they suit the shape of your face. My new pair are from MyOptique and the frames are by London Retro*, a brand which was created in 2011. These are my favourite pair at the moment because the lenses are perfect, I’ve been so impressed with them! My prescription is quite strong so depending on what frames they are, and how thinned down the lenses are, the lens can sometimes distort my vision, making it slightly uncomfortable at times. It’s quite a minor issue but it can be annoying, it’s usually when I’m focusing on text. (Maybe I need reading glasses aswell?) My new London Retro glasses have been absolutely fine, though, no double vision at all. I really like the frames too, I’ve wanted a tortoise shell one for ages. The only thing about these are that they’re a bit tight around my ears so round about six hours or so, they get a bit sore! That can easily be sorted at the opticians though, I think they can loosen it. If you’re in to the retro, vintage, Lana Del Rey-esque sort of style, then do check out MyOptique, it is one of the best glasses website I’ve seen, it is so much more stylish than the usual optician store!

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15 thoughts on “London Retro Glasses from MyOptique

  1. Very cute frames! I was the same way when I needed glasses. I spent all of my 8th grade year denying it and squinting at people, etc., like you, and then in 9th grade I got glasses. I usually buy frames on eBay for cheap and then have my eye doctor put my prescription lenses in. I wear contacts every now and then, but not usually because I hate how they feel.

    Life of Mabel

  2. These frames look really good on you! I realised I was short sighted in year 8 as well, everything on the whiteboard started looking blurry but because I only needed glasses for looking at the whiteboard, my mum made me get the cheapest pair… made me hate wearing glasses even more! Since the age of 15 I've only worn contact lenses! I wear glasses at home so when friends see me with glasses on its such a shock because they never knew I was short sighted!

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  3. Gorgeous glasses they really suit you! I first got glasses 2 years ago but even now I don't need to wear them all the time which is good I guess but I've been secretly wanting to have glasses for years. I love how glasses can totally change up the look. Plus if I'm too lazy to put on makeup I can wear glasses and go haha!

  4. That's such a cute pair of frames! I also have terrible eyes, but the difference is I should really give my eyes a break from contacts. Now I'm paying the price because my eyes are ridiculously dry, but hopefully I'll be inspired to wear glasses more when my new pair arrives!

  5. Love these frames. I've only been wearing glasses for the past 3 years but feel like I need to wear them more and more. Having stylish frames definitely helps! x

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