How To Do Foil Manicure with Ciaté Very Colourfoil

How To Do Foil Manicure with Ciaté Very Colourfoil

Like the Denim Manicure, I had far too much fun with this Ciate Very Colourfoil Manicure set and got rather carried away!

The colourfoils are actually shiny sheets of coloured foil you apply to you nails, inspired by London’s urban street artist and I wasn’t sure about this at first, but after applying it on, I loved it so much that I asked my sister if she wanted me to put some on her nails! 

It is a DIY manicure set that you can do at the comfort of your own home, it is fairly easy but it is by no means quick. It is worth it though, I love foil effect! It comes with a wheel so you can practise beforehand.

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Very Colourfoil* comes in three different sets. I got the one called Kaleidoscope Klash which contains a Paint Pot in Pepperminty and lots of shiny, holograph foil sheets in several colours. They look like Quality Street sweet wrappers! Soooo shiny!

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In the box, there is also a small bottle of glue which is used to adhere the foil to your nails. What you do is actually really simple; apply two coats of the paint pot and allow to dry. Then apply a bit of the glue to where you want the foil, and wait one minute for the glue to become clear and tacky before pressing the foil in and transfer it on to the surface of your nails. 

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This process is repeated so this particular manicure does take time and patience depending how many layers of foil you want to apply, and how many nails you want them on. 
I put the foils on my ring finger but have applied about four layers of it over the it. It isn’t one that you can use in a hurry so I’d say that it’s best to set some time aside to do this. 
The glue needs one minute to dry before sticking the foils on, and it you consider how many nails you’d want them on, and also how many layers on each, you get the general idea of how long it may take. 

ciate colourfoil manicure, ciate colourfoil manicure swatch

Once it’s done, the results are really cool. I like how it doesn’t have to be neat and the clashing colours look great. It reminds me of cracked nail polish, but so much better.
I’ve taken a photo of it in natural daylight, it looks pretty flat, but when I went to the bathroom to clean some of the varnish off my skin, and cuticles, I noticed that the holograph foil glisten  under the lighting (ooh, so shiny!!!) so I’ve taken a photo of this too. Pretty perfect for a night out! 

ciate colourfoil manicure, ciate colourfoil manicure swatch

Very Colourfoil are £18 available from Selfridges and
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23 thoughts on “How To Do Foil Manicure with Ciaté Very Colourfoil

  1. Hello lovely, firstly thank you so much for your email!! 🙂 I'm not good with the technical side of photography, my friend who is a photographer taught me a couple of weekends ago how to set the Manual setting on the DSLR so that I could take photos outside without the flash on (for my sister's prom). It was changing one setting which I can't even remember now, but when it was the supermoon I did a Google of how to take photos at night without flash on and without a tripod, I used a mish mash of the tips on this website ( and honestly it was so helpful!! 🙂 I really love this polish set, when I saw the effect my first thought was wow that's arty! I love the two different colour combinations you created too, I think it's great because you'll get a different effect every time so no two looks will be the same! xx

  2. I've seen these in Selfridges and didn't think too much of them but since reading your post about them my opinion has soon changed. I wouldn't mind giving these a go, they'll look amazing during the summer and definitely around Christmas time if there's a set with green and red papers inside. 🙂

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