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This month, I have blogged about three sample boxes when I usually only stick to one, but it has made me realise that there are other services out there that give Glossybox a run for their money! Boxdelux* is something that is different to the beauty boxes that get all the blog hype so I thought this was a nice one to show you. The general idea is the same – you sign up and receive a box filled with samples to try. What is it that they do differently? What to do they bring to the table? Well, Boxdelux does not claim to be the next Glossybox and they have more of an emphasis on lifestyle products. You’ve probably heard other brands say this but this time, they have stuck true to their word. This box I received was filled with products, some full sized and most of them were edible! 
I received nine samples in mine and these were: A bag of cherry and nougat rice pudding (which makes 6-8 portions), a box of muesli and a pumpkin bar from Rude health, Moroccan Argan Oil for body and face, Awake Potion which is meant to re-energise and revitalise, three small tubs of lotion and lastly, a bottle of nail polish from SPAritual. 
The Argan oil is nice, really nourishing and a nice travel size. Yellow is one of my favourite nail polish colours so I’m happy to get this in the box. I have given the rice pudding to my mum (because I’ll probably burn it!). I’ve never thought of putting nougat in to rice pudding before, so I can’t wait to try this. The little tubs of lotion is not full, I’d class all three tubs as one sample. Overall, I’m happy with the contents, each one is a high quality product.
How much does this cost, I hear you all ask? This is aimed at a different market to Glossybox and Birchbox. They’re probably older too. You get a lot more than you do with this service, and that inevitably means it’s going to cost more. Boxdelux is priced at £35 per box – Very pricy, right? The price will put a lot of you off, that is completely understandable, but if you were intrigued and wanted to give it a chance, they have an offer on at the moment where the first box is £17.50. There’s also a 50% discount when you sign up the newsletter. I also have a discount code to buy three boxes for £25 per month (that will be £75 in total inlcuding delivery), the code to use for that offer is boxme3.
Like with a lot of these types of services, they make great presents, if anything. I’ve bought my friends a 3 month Glossybox suscription before, and they loved it (I think!). You can buy one-time or subscribe to it for a longer period of time. Boxdelux boxes might make great presents for mums and your favourite aunties, it sure does safe a lot of hassle during Christmas time! They also recognise that some subscribers might like to know what’s inside the box before buying it but for the price of each box, I’d expect to be able to see what I’m buying anyway. I don’t think anyone here would want to gamble £35 on a monthly surprise.
Would love to know what you think of Boxdelux!
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16 thoughts on “Boxdelux July 2013 – Review

  1. This looks like an interesting option. I rather like lifestyle extras you sometimes get in beauty boxes but I agree with you that I'd want to see what I was to get before buying in.

    I thought you might like the yellow nail polish when I saw it in the first photo!


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