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As far as beauty sample boxes goes, I’ve been loyal to one. I’ve tried a few other ones but I always rave about one particular brand. This week, I was lucky enough to be sent the July edition of Birchbox*, something I’ve heard a lot about recently. First off, appearance wise, it has impressed me. The box is smaller, making it seem more filled out with the products. The box was tied with a bright and summery orange ribbon, which is a nice touch. It makes a nice change!
Like most, Birchbox consist of five beauty samples. It also comes with a draw string bag, which will come in handy when I’m travelling next week. I received a moisturiser by Blanc Cachemire, a leave-in conditioner by Beauty Protector, a blush by theBalm cosmetics, Laura Geller gel liner and a tube of Skin Food by Weleda. The bonus sample is a sachet of Chia which is rich in Omega-3, protein and fibre. To be honest, I don’t like healthy things like seeds and nuts, but I will give this a go! I’ll put it in my porridge and I’m sure I’ll hardly be able to taste it. 
Birchbox seems, to me, a lot more luxury and life-style orientated than the usual sample boxes. This is a great chance to trial luxury, lesser-known brands. Apart from Weleda, the other brands are not available at a regular high street drugstores, but if you visit the Birchbox E-shop, you can repurchase the samples you loved using the most. The contents of the boxes vary ever so slightly from subscriber to subscriber but it doesn’t appear to be like a major difference like Glossybox. The difference is not big enough to ruffle a few feathers! I might be wrong, but from the June reviews, I’ve not noticed a huge different in the contents. 
My favourite thing in the box is the leave-in conditioner, which was also in last month’s box but as this is my first Birchbox, this is the first time I’ve received all of these samples. My hair forever needs some TLC so I always welcome new hair products. This one from Beauty Protector smells really nice and promises to maintain hair by protecting it and making it silky smooth! I also love the blusher sample, it is my go-to shade, but the sample is too small to get an even coverage on my blusher brush. It’s is so adorably packaged, it’s like a little magazine! I’m also a huge fan of gel eyeliners but I wish the one in the box came in black. I will try the purple but it’s not a colour I usually go for. I usually find a use for every sample I get in beauty boxes, unless it’s loose powder in a small tub, then that’s going right to the back of my drawer!
A monthly subscription is available from and cost £10.00 per month plus £2.95 P&P.
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29 thoughts on “BIRCHBOX UK | July 2013

  1. Hi Jane!

    No – this is definitely the July box. I think the June box was a "Get Festival Ready" theme? The July box is called Jet Set edition. It also came with the July 2013 mini mag. It might seems similar because of the leave-in conditioner spray, they included that in the June box as well.

  2. I've subscribed to Birchbox since it came to the uk back in January and three of these products are in previous boxes so for me to get this would be slightly disappointing to say the least because I already have three of them from the previous Birchbox. I'll be interested to see what comes through the post now. That conditioner spray for one was in June's box and the skin food in may's because I then bought a full tube of it using my birchbox points in fact I still have this tube because it lasts ages. And the gel liner was in a earlier box possibly march x

  3. This does sound quite different to the other beauty boxes I've read about. On the one hand, it's exciting because you get to sample something you perhaps wouldn't normally purchase (because of the price), but on the other hand, if you can't repurchase because of the high price is it worth sampling and falling in love with expensive products? I think if it's something you instantly think ah I can't live without this in my life, then maybe you'd stretch your budget to include the new expensive product. But anything less than that, and I can't see too many people repurchasing. Unless this box is maybe aimed at people that are maybe that bit older, and can perhaps afford more luxurious products? I don't know! The little blush looks so sweet, and a lovely colour too. I'd be interested to see what you do with that purple eyeliner haha, though I'm sure you'll make it work however you use it 🙂 xx

    1. That is such a good point, Hannah! This has crossed my mind when I first started subscribing to beauty boxes two years ago, and also one of the reasons I swerve towards glossybox (more commercial brands). I suppose I will use the luxe samples as a treat and if it's something that really gives results, then I'll know for sure that it's worth forking a little more! I just hope that I don't fall totally in love with all 5 samples…. my poor bank balance! x

  4. I cancelled my Birchbox subscription last month and I still feel a bit sad about it because I adored what it once was, during the Joliebox era. The quality of the samples and the diversity was constant. But since the conversion to Birchbox, it turned into a steady disappointment.

    Three of these products were featured in boxes in recent months. The Weleda skin food was in the April Birchbox. I really don't like being negative about a brand or product but there is so much potential with beauty boxes and to see ideas recycled like this, in no time at all, isn't ideal.


  5. Unfortunately here in Portugal we're only starting to jump on the bandwagon of beauty boxes so we still don't have a very wide selection and range as in other countries, however I love to read impressions on monthly boxes! This one seems amazing, I have never heard of it before, though its look it's impressive and the samples seem very luxury orientated! 🙂

    Ester from Drawing Dreaming

  6. I had a we chuckle to myself at your comment last night 😉 I felt like I had to say something about it! I've never actually heard of Birchbox before but I'll need to check it out, that blushed looks a gorgeous colour xx

  7. That blusher looks gorgeous! Love that they've included food in this one, what a neat idea b/c chia to buy can be pricey! 🙂 X

  8. Love the packaging on the blush as well! Very small, though as you said. Try out the purple liner! It's actually one of my go-tos because I dont wear that much make-up so when I do I just put some of that on. It works great with brown eyes (That is if you have brown-eyes, and if you don't I think this might be awkward) but nonetheless, great post. I always love reading reviews on birch box items. Might think about subscribing!

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