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1. Floral Jacquard / 2. Hyper Floral / 3. Available in Topshop stores / 4. Pixelated Florals / 5. Fluoro Paisley

1. Oasis / 2. Topshop / 3. Tesco / 4. River Island / 5. Topshop

Searching for trousers that fit me is a task I like to avoid but when they look as prettiest as this, it’s hard to resist. I’ve yet to find a pair that fit (like a glooooove), but I have been browsing over the weekend! At first, upon looking at them on various website, I thought the shape of them look a bit weird. Some of them look like they’ve been photographed back to front (like number 5 Fluoro Paisley, for example!), but if you click through to view the other photos of it where it is worn on a body, they actually look really nice! If you’re not in to floaty, girly dresses for a formal ocassion like a wedding, then I’d probably suggest printed trousers, they’re just as beautiful! They might appear quite fancy and maybe difficult to style but the trousers would work as the main piece of your outfit which means that once you’ve chosen a pair, then all you have to do is find a plain and simple top to go with them!

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15 thoughts on “S/S 13 Trend: Printed Trousers

  1. I love this post, and I think I need the no.2 trousers in my life! I have some almost mosaic print ones from h&m and am practically living in them at the moment

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