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White Court Shoes from Miss Selfridge

I bought these about two months ago and now they’re in the sales from £39 to £18! Don’t you hate it when that happens? There are a bit tight so have had to wear them in but they’re still not as comfortable as I’d like them to be. I could’ve done with them being half a size bigger. I got them in a size 4, and I’m usually a 5 but the 5 were far too big, would’ve have been blisters galore even with insoles. Such a big difference between the sizes! The good thing about these shoes are that they’ll never go out of fashion.  They’re a creamy white with a black heel and the heel measures in at four inches. They have a pearly shimmer to the fabric which is nice. They look nice with skinny jeans. I’ve seen a lot of similar ones in Topshop that come in an array of colours, I was tempted to get the pink ones but I don’t see myself wearing them a lot. They were really comfortable, the material much softer but I went for the pair from Miss S in the end because they’re cheaper. Do you tend to go for bright or light coloured shoes? Or do you prefer to stick to classic black?

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21 thoughts on “Miss Selfridge Court Shoes

  1. Gosh I hate it when purchases go down in the sale – and what a bargain these are too. I think they're really pretty but I hate that new shoe feeling – when you KNOW you need to break them in. I have roughly 50% of shoes that break in and then others which never really get any better.

  2. As soon as I saw these I thought, well at least they're a classic pair 🙂 kind of makes up a little bit for the fact that they're now reduced! I tend to go for dark or pale shades for my shoes, I'm not really a bright colours kind of girl xx

  3. So annoying when that happens! Best not to think about it lol!

    Gorgeous shoes that will go everything, love that the heel is black 🙂

    KaKa x

  4. I love bright coloured shoes I find that they add a pop of colour to otherwise basic outfits 🙂 I am on the hunt for white ones for summer though – hoping they don't get too dirty!!

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