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How To Get Perfect Skin For Summer

When it comes to the warmer months, we all want the condition of our skin to be in tip top shape so we feel more comfortable and prepared when wearing less material. 
Weather you have deydrated skin, stretch marks, scarring, …there’s always something to remedy that. Now, this product could be compared to Bio-Oil so if you’re familiar with that then you might be interested in this. 
I don’t know what Bio-Oil is made from but Viridian Ultimate Beauty Organic Skin Repair Oil is a blend of natural, nutritional ingredients and it is free from synthetic fragrances and colourings. It is a skin therapy oil , one of those products that seems to works on everything! Using this on a daily basis will reduce the appearance of ageing skin, stretch marks, scarring and it will also even out skin tone.

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The topical oil comes in a big 100ml glass bottle, with a squirty pump that dispenses the nourishing liquid in small pools. 
It absorbs really quickly, which is a good thing but it also means that you can’t quite see where you’ve already applied it so I think I would have preferred a spray nozzle for even distribution. But it is remarkable how fast it dries. There’s absolutely no heavy, lingering greasiness (ie. strangely, not oily on skin), which is the last thing you want during hot weather.
I have no big scars to use this oil on. I’ve used this on my thighs where there are stretch marks but I think it’s too soon to tell whether it has reduced the appearance or not. I also apply the oil on my knobbly knees and the dry patch on my elbows and it has made the skin both look better and feels smoother. This oil is a lot richer, and more nourishing than lotions and moisturisers, and you don’t get the inconvenient slipperiness!

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Quite naturally, I haven’t used this product on areas which are prone to oil (yet). It is known to balance the oils on your skin but if you are wary or concerned, maybe avoid using this kind of multi-tasking product on your face, but feel free to go nuts on your knees and elbow. I know my knobbly knees will sure benefit from a product like this!
There are other similar products create specifically for face. Viridian Skin Repair Oil is for dehydrated skin or areas in which you feel needs a bit of TLC. I have very dehydrated skin in general, I should drink more water but this topical oil has lent a helping hand. 
With most Viridian Ultimate Beauty products that I’ve tried, the smell is pleasant. It contains no artificial fragrance so it may not be a scent that you’re used to but it’s not at all bad, by any means! This retails at £15.16 for 100ml and is available from Viridian website.

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10 thoughts on “How To Get Perfect Skin For Summer

    1. I have used this oil on areas in which are particularly dry, especially around knees and elbows and as it absorbs extremely quickly – about 5 seconds – it doesn't leave a greasy feeling at all. Not even on your hands upon application. Should you wish to use an oil like this on your face, I can't say for certain if this particular product would produce more oil as I've not tried it myself. But I can definitely say that when used on dry patches of other areas on the body, this doesn't make your skin oily, no.

      For oil treatments created for face, I have reviewed two face oils in the past few months. Both were specifically created for face, and the beauty team that works for Viridian and Balance Me has told me that oil helps balance oily skin. Apparently, it helps combat congested skin. x

  1. I'm loving all types of oils recently, hair/skin/body the lot! This product looks really interesting, might have to invest next time i'm restocking my stash!

    Rosie xo

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