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Glossybox UK – June 2013 – £10 p/month

Glossybox arrived during the week, reminding me that we’re in the month of June. This box seems full when you first open it because there’s a full size hair conditioner in there which takes up most of the space. I’d say that I was fairly happy with this box. When it comes to beauty sample boxes, I’ve got to myself “it is what it is”. The only thing with Glossybox is that the varied boxes that we all get, if it wasn’t that opportunity for us to compare, we’d all be happy. The June 2013 box also contains a black eye liner pencil, which is something I use every day so this is brilliant! I hope it’s got good staying power like my MAC Kohl pencil. 
I put the MeMeMe nail polish on and had to put 3 layers on to get that creamy white colour. I used to love shades like this when I was at school because we weren’t allowed to wear nail polish but I always got away with it with nude/sheer nails. I don’t really like MONU samples, I have had about 5 of them now and I’ve used each one with very little result. I don’t think it suits my skin, it does more damage than it does good so I’ve avoided using their products from now on. My favourite product in this month’s box is Figs & Rouge lip balm. Upon unboxing, I thought it was a sample from L’Occitane but was still pleasantly surprised to realise that it’s a lip balm. It’s the most eye-catching packaging, I love that the flamingos on it! Such a bonus that it’s 100% natural too. It has a shimmer to the balm, it comes out a bit white on my lips – almost like a glossy frost. It’s not too sticky, the formula is very moisturising and the scent is barely there. A great product for the RRP of £4.99. 
I often write my posts as if I’m talking to bloggers, but I always forget that not everyone who reads blogs is a blogger! I need to get out of this habit. For those who have not heard of Glossybox, this is a monthly  service which you can suscribe to. You get five beauty sample sized products in each month’s edition which cost £10.00 (P&P cost an extra £2.95). Click here to sign up to Glossybox and find out more about information.
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15 thoughts on “Glossybox June 2013

  1. Looks like you got some really lovely stuff! I do agree with what you mean about Glossyboxes though, most of the time it just seems to depend on luck with which products you receive, which doesn't seem fair considering everyone pays the same price.

    Pip x

  2. hi i really liked your blog 🙂
    Maybe follow each other here and/or facebook? Let me know if you want and I follow you back 😀
    kisses !

  3. I've recently signed up with Glossy Box and am delighted with the contents of the first two I have received. It's great to try out different products for limited money even if some of them are only small samples, they're big enough to get an idea of what they do. Brilliant value for money.

  4. Nice to read, makes me consider re-subscribing, but the total `discount value` of the boxes is rubbish compared to what it was when I first started getting glossyboxes!

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