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How To Do A Denim Style Manicure

There sure has been a lot of nail polish posts on my blog lately! Whilst I’m on a roll, here’s another one for you which follows on nicely from the Favourite Blue Nail Polish feature. If you’re a fan of jeans, or denim in general, then this one might be right up your street!
Ciaté has always been on top of the game when it comes to nail trends. By combining both fashion and beauty, Ciaté have come up with this new manicure set which imitates the style of denim jeans. 

 photo Ciate_denim_manicure_polish_zps39332547.jpg

The Ciate Denim Manicure* kit comes with a full size Paint Pot in Regatta which can be bought on it’s own from the collection. Regatta is an indigo blue with metallic silver flecks, a formulated polish which dries to give a textured denim finish. 
Unlike the Nails inc denim texture effect polish, this Ciaté one dries smooth and shiny. As well as the nail polish, there’s also some miniature denim embellishments such as studs, eyelets, rivets and buttons in shades of pewter, bronze and gold, and a bottle of glue to secure them on to your freshly painted nails!
 photo Ciate_denim_manicure_zps2bb3a942.jpg

My favourite part of this set are the transfers that you apply to your nails to give it the topstitch effect. I went a bit OTT with this to begin with and I must say, it was very easy to get carried away.
It’s a very clever transfer which you cut to size, immerse in to cold water for ten seconds and slide it away from the paper (I used tweezers to do this) and all you do is apply this to your nails. It dries clear, and it looks great! I love me some nail art but I’m generally no good with the various tools and pens! The transfers make it a million times easier, even on the other hand. 
 photo Ciate_denim_manicure_studs_zps371e5575.jpg

Putting the studs on was a bit more difficult, which is why I’ve only placed them on my ring finger. It might be a bit too much if they’re added to every nail, maybe? I’m not sure what the glue is, it feels like superglue and it dries clear. They have a very good staying power, the studs are absolutely 100% stuck on with no intentions to budge any time soon! (Bit worried when it comes to removing them! But we’ll get to that when the time comes!)
On the same note, the metallic nail polish needs a bit of elbow grease to remove too but that’s the same with all glittery, shimmery nail polishes. It’s not the most exciting thing to do but it’s pretty worth it. Let’s face it, we all need a bit of sparkle in our lives, whatever form it comes in! 

 photo Ciate_denim_manicure_1_zps58b574aa.jpg

Ciaté Denim Manicure* – Exclusive to Selfridges – £12.00

Now, usually, I wouldn’t recommend manicures like this to be worn on a daily basis. Only because embellishments tend to drop off, but this glue is so strong that it holds the decorations really well. It hasn’t got in the way of me of doing day-to-day things such as washing the dishes or cleaning my hair.

I’d much prefer something like that than say, nail wraps, which tend to peel and sometimes gets a bit “scratching”. Of course, I would reserve bespoke manicures like this for a special occasion, such as a girls night out.

I thought it might be a bit of a chore to do this, I’m not good with fiddly things but I really loved it, I got so carried away with the topstitch transfers. It does take a bit of patience but it ended being quite therapeutic because it was that easy to do! It is such a fun set, and only retails £12.00 from Selfridges! Ciaté Manicure sets usually start from about £18.00 so this feels like a good deal.

Would love to know what you think of this denim manicure! Yay or nay?
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30 thoughts on “How To Do Denim Style Manicure

  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous! 🙂 been seeing loads of photos of this kit and it looks so professional! Maybe when you're ready to remove them just soak it in cotton wool covered with nail polish remover for 10 mins? xxx

  2. I love this – the transfers and embellishments really do give it the denim look! I'm impressed! I love the idea of nail transfers – I'm ok at doing my left hand with nail art pens but the right is so tricky isn't it! This set is great value for money too 🙂 xx

  3. Thank you for sharing with us and for giving us information on the product, I usually don’t wear this type of manicure, just go for some simple color, or French in the best case scenario, but this one really looks nice and from what I see it could last.

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