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Amie | Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash* – 150ml RRP £4.95

I’ve been using my current cleanser, Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, very sparingly since it feels like there’s not much in the tube. When a new natural face cleanser from Amie arrived, I absolutely couldn’t wait to try it. My skin needs a good cleanser, something thats not too harsh. Amie’s Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash seems to be just that. It contains 96.8% natural ingredients and it has not been tested on animals. It is a soap-free, PH balanced and paraben-free product. On top of this, this product only cost £4.95! It’s a gentle formula, so it is suitable for sensitive skin, The ingredients contains orange blossom, mayblossom, elderflower, cocoa seed butter, sweet almond oil and raspberry which makes the cleanser smells really nice! It smells SO much better than Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish! 
With the formula being free of soap, this cleanser leaves skin feeling clean without drying it out. I was a bit worried about trying more skincare from Amie because the clay mask didn’t work on me, it dried certain parts of my skin out and made it go scaly. Luckily, the facial wash has been a joy to use. My face feels cleaner and smoother and generally much healthier! There was no tight or tingly sensation, it was completely moisturising. I would particularly recommend this if you’re a teen or if you suffer from break-outs and want something gentle. The mayblossom and elderflower in the ingredients helps purify and decongest which helps prevent a breakout of spots. You apply this over wet face and massage into skin, the cleanser transforms in to a milky consistency and all you do is rinse with warm water. I don’t use a toner but I apply Skinetica after I’ve cleansed and then a bit of moisturiser and eye cream. This cost a lot less than my usual cleanser and as it works a treat so I’m considering repurchasing. I can’t praise it enough, it has given me clearer skin which has made me feel more confident about myself. This will be one of those products I’ll be raving about to friends and family for a long time!
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9 thoughts on “Amie | Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash

  1. Wow, I have sensitive skin, and this sounds pretty interesting! (Can't believe it's only £4.95)! Might have to try it out sometime! 😀

    Have a wonderful day,

    Boonya –

  2. This is a range I always keep an eye out for whilst out shopping but I never find it! This face wash sounds lovely I must admit. I can't believe it smells better than C+P as I love the smell of that…need to see this for myself 🙂

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

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