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Celebrating with Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake as they reach well over one million Facebook Fans

I have expressed my obsession for scented candles before, I have so many now that people have said that I can open a candle shop! I light them when people come round so the house smells lovely and welcoming. 

It’s just a really quick and easy to create a certain atmosphere for all kinds of occassions and I think this is what Yankee are best at doing, their fragrances are so authentically close to the real thing. As well as filling the house with yummy and dreamy fragrances, a certain smell can also take you back to a certain memory and that is another reason why I buy candles. 

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I’m a sucker for a trip down memory lane! I particularly love the tropical fruit ones, they always remind me of holidays in Spain when I was younger! I love it! It’s always nice to be taken back to a time when things were more simple! For a candle company, they have always been creative. I mean, who else can get away with wonderfully bizarre scents like Bacon, and Movie Night. I have to say, I’m intrigued by the Bacon one, but I don’t think it is currently available in the UK.
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This weekend, courtesy of Yankee Candle, I was gifted the best one yet. This Vanilla Cupcake candle is a special edition designed to celebrate the brand reaching one million Facebook fans and is a welcome addition to the growing collection I have.

Vanilla Cupcake is not a new product but the limited edition repackaging to commemorate the social media milestone. Social Media is important to all of us whether we love it or hate it, everyone’s joined some form of network to connect with friends, family and businesses. It has completely changed the way brands communicate with customers.

Whilst most of can only dream of reaching the one million milestone, Yankee Candle have done it! For a business to reach a million on any social media channel, it’s pretty amazing and I totally understand why they’d want to acknowledge and celebrate it.

They are also offering a fan a chance to win a trip to the USA and Golden Ticket to a VIP tour around their factory. You can find out more details and enter the contest on their Facebook Page. If you’re mad about candles as I am, it’s worth checking out! 

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10 thoughts on “Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake

  1. I love candles too, they create such a lovely atmosphere and have one lit right know. I've been on the hunt for a new yankee candle recently so this might be a really nice one to buy. I'll love how they have adapted the packaging for such a huge achievement! It definitely makes the candle feel more special xxx

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