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After a browse through the shops in town yesterday, I noticed a lot of pretty dresses embellished with beads and layered with chiffon, which can only mean one thing…It’s prom season! It actually came as a surprise to me as I always feel unaware of what month it is. You see, generally, I use the Seasons to indicate roughly where abouts we are in the calendar. I don’t usually keep track of the date and I rarely have to write it at work or on a daily basis, so I just let time pass me by. Spring is my favourite time of year, but I’ve pretty much given up on it. What with the long winter we’ve had, hailstones in March and the continuous miserable grey skies up north, my mind is trapped in a frame of time where I still think it’s the back end of the year.

Prom wasn’t really a big deal back when I was at school and sadly, I never went to my Year 11 leavers do, but I heard it was good and that everyone had a jolly good time! I also missed out on A-Level Year 13 dinner dance too, lets just blame this on a horrible boy who had absolutely no sense of fun. If I could go back in time, I definitely wouldn’t let some insecure douche bag ruin my fun! Hell, no! I never went through the process of searching for the perfect dress. Traditionally, girls would opt for glamorous maxi dresses, some would go for extravagant puffy-outy princess dresses. I think I probably would have gone with the crowd and chosen a maxi dress too, perhaps in a shade of pink or purple, but I’m not sure…I like to think that I was brave enough to go for something that I was more comfortable in, a dress that was equally as glam and elegant like the 8 dresses I’ve picked out here. Is it weird to wear these kind of dresses to prom? These sort of silhouettes flatters my body shape and anything above the knee suits me my height more. Although, that wasn’t something I was self-conscious about back then, me and my friends were all the same height! It’s just that I seemed to have stunt my grown by spending the majority of my teenage years sitting in front of the computers. I don’t actually remember there being so much choice on the high street back then but like I said, it wasn’t such a big thing back then and bearing in mind, I left school 12 years ago now! Twelve years!! That’s painful to admit! I can’t believe it has been so long. A lot of high street retailers now have special or limited edition dresses especially for formal occasions, their price ranges from £60 – £195.

So, there you have it! I’m re-living my teen years with you right here, and picking out my would-be prom dress, telling my 16 year old self that it’s ok to be different and that if you wear something you are more comfortable in, then you’ll feel more like yourself and therefore, confident. I have my eye on a couple of these dresses for a couple of weddings that I’m invited to this year. What did you wear to your prom? And for those who have got it all to look forward to, have fun and enjoy every minute of it!

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28 thoughts on “Dresses for Prom

  1. I've got a few weddings coming up and these would be perfect for the occasion! I especially adore no.1, shame about the price tag though.I always like the expensive one best sigh xo

  2. I love these dresses 🙂 perfect as I have a wedding to go to next month and nothing, as of yet, to wear! My favourite has to be number two though!! <3 xo


  3. I have a summer ball when I graduate next year and I hope to wear something like this!
    I want something a bit different as everyone gets the classic pretty topshop dress, so this a great post to get me thinking!
    Never to eaarly to plan an outfit 😉

    Kelly || DayDreamsDaisyChains.com

  4. Wow these dresses are so pretty! I love dress 1 and 3, I've got my Leavers Ball coming up and if those two were maxi dresses they would have been perfect! My prom was only two years ago and I already dislike what I wore – short ruffled blue dress and I had short red hair, so i looked like some sort of freaky mermaid haha!

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