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Balance Me | Rose Otto Hand Cream* – 100ml – £14.50

Balance Me’s Rose Otto Hand Cream is an award winning product and is the latest beauty must-have! Hand cream is something I’ve got a lot of, I have them in tubes and small sachets all around my room, in my handbag and on my work desk. As I use this type of product so often, I always look for lotion that is gentle on skin and does not contain parabens. The Rose Otto cream is free from parabens and harsh ingredients, and they do not test their products on animals. I had heard good things about this product so was excited to try it. It is the prettiest one out of my collection and because the pink packaging really stands out, it is the first one I reach for these days. The smell of this hand cream isn’t the artificial rose fragrance as you’d usually expect, that’s a good thing! I love rose scented products but sometimes they can be too fragrant and too “perfumey”. I’d say that this Rose Otto cream smells very similar to Liz Earle’s Rose and Lavender cleanser, a scent I associate with natural/organic beauty products. It contains rose oil which has properties to help minimize the appearance of scarring and it’s good to maintain cuticles as well as nourishing your hands.
The formula is one of the richest I’ve used and it’s fairly heavy so you’d only need a little bit. The amount I’ve got on in the photos above is way too much, it feels really strange when you’ve put too much on. It is a very velvety consistency, and a little goes a long way. At £14.50 for a 100ml, I’d consider this a treat or a luxury hand cream so I don’t use this during the day when I am at work. I keep this one at home and use it at night time and let the rich formula absorb, and it does take a good 20minutes for it to do it’s thing. It’s actually almost like a mask treatment for your hands so if you have really dry hands, this is a great product to use because it is extremely hydrating. The absolute best thing about Balance Me products is that they don’t contain parabens, and they are passionate about creating products that you can feel good using on a daily basis. The Rose Otto hand cream is gentle and soothing lotion that is suitable for all skin types, and all age range. 

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