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Oscar got a lovely new pet bed from British brand, Joules and he’s going to give a review on it. Only joking! A cat reviewing an item on my blog…let’s not be so silly now! I thought this would make a really cute blog post, though. I tried to make Oscar a regular feature on here, even start his own blog, but then he got a bit poorly so I stopped because I didn’t want to document his miserable days in the cone of shame! It made me sad and I was scared something would happen to him. As you can see, he is fine now! 
You may think that this bed is far too girly for him but he has always been a fan of florals! He always warms to florals more than stripes. Stripes really freak him out! It must be because all of my duvet sets have a floral pattern on and it is what he’s used to. He’s been staying with me in my flat this week, it’s so nice to have him around, I’ve missed him since I moved out of my family’s house. The bed is the smallest size and is just right for him if he curls up in to a ball, but he does hang out of it a bit! Other than that, he’s a happy chappy in his new girly bed!

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41 thoughts on “Oscar’s Girly New Bed

  1. Aaaah that is so cute! I'd love to get a cat bed but I don't think either of mine would use it, they prefer to spread their fur all over every bed, chair and sofa in the house! xo

  2. he's adorable! also, i've come across your blog a few times, but only just realized – is your blog's name from that paul mccartney song, haha? x

  3. You're so lucky Oscar loves his bed! I buy toys and beds and all mine want to do is sleep on my clothes and play with ratty old string haha. The look on his face is a review in itself 🙂 x

  4. Oh Oscar! How adorable is he 🙂 what kind of a cat is he? I love his new girly bed, and it looks like he does too! Just followed you on Instagram lovely xx

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